Rifle Scopes from Spain

Riflescopes from the world’s leading brands. If you are interested in import, export, or wholesale purchase of riflescopes, there’s no better place than AmmoTerra to find a buyer or supplier of military equipment.


Riflescopes from the world’s leading brands. Riflescopes are designed to monitor the battlefield, conduct target selection, range detection. They are generally used for aimed fire from rifles and machine guns in the daytime as well as in twilight and at night for luminous and illuminated targets. Aiming and range determination is performed on a square grid and on strokes of a sight grid.It is best to operate the sights at an ambient temperature from 50 °C below zero to 50 °C above zero. 


Ammoterra.com presents an extensive line of riflescopes, binoculars, night vision products and telescopes from the world’s leading brands. Here you will find riflescopes from such brands as Carl Zeiss, Nikko Stirling, EUROHUNTER, PROSTAFF, SIG SAUER and others. Some of them are equipped with a precise small dot at the center for the most accurate shooting. Riflescopes differ by length of the main tube, reticles and magnification. All the options presented are made of extremely durable aircraft approved aluminum. Products with different weight, with or without nitrogen filling, waterproof or not, and with different lens diameters are collected on the amoterra.com.