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Urgently looking for ammunition

We are looking for the following types of ammunition: 1. 10 million rounds of 9x19 mm FMJ 2. 10 million rounds of 5.56x45 mm 3. 10 million rounds of 7.62x51 mm Delivery: Asia. Delivery time: Oc...
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Looking for manufacturers to represent in Hungary

We would like to submit an inquiry for the following types of ammunition with an amount of 100 000 pcs for each caliber type: - 5.56 x 45 mm /55 grains/ FMJ/ 100 000 pcs - 9x19 mm FMJ / 124 grs / 1...
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Published by:AZIZ ARMS

semi-automatic shotgun and pump action shotgun, vertical magazin(tactical) shotgun models

We are Turkish shotgun producters and we sell our products several country like Ukraine, Azerbaijani, Afghanistan etc. In addition, we want to work together and we want to do trade between your cou...
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Published by:RossImportArms

We are looking for surplus

We are arms wholesailers from Russia and importers for such brands as Chiappa, ZVI, Zoraki, Norinco. We are looking for suppliers of WWI and WWII surplus. Also cheap versions of modern weapons modi...

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Richard, Chiappa
Richard Velisek, Chiappa

This site is a great idea! We have much more than one brand, and it takes many efforts to promote all of our brands and products. AmmoTerra solves that problem. More than that, I know team of developers personally, they know what market needs. 

Massimo Tanfgolio

Sergei came to us with idea of AmmoTerra, and I told him: "Everything go's in to the internet, even the fireams market should do so". Now we will use the AmmoTerra platform to be exhibited 365 days a year.

Ivan Nagovicin
Ivan Nagovicin, Techcrim

AmmoTerra helps me to find new dealers for our factory. Good project with a very professional team, which I know personally.

Ilham Rejebli
Ilham Rejebli, REC Dis Ticaret Ltd

I have many products from different factories, AmmoTerra helps me to show all of that worldwide.

About AmmoTerra

About our company is the first online exhibition for shooting, hunting and firearms manufacturers and distributors.

AmmoTerra is a unique project because it is made by the industry members. We face and understand all the industry challenges, and this fact helps us build the best platform for our clients.

Unlike firearms and other industry exhibitions, AmmoTerra does not make it possible for potential customers to meet face to face. But our platform gives possibility to be online 365 days per year without any costs for travelling, logistics and booth rent. It accelerates time for searching the seller, buyer or product. There is no more need to wait for the next exhibition. empowers sellers and buyers to optimize their supply chain:

Buyers can easily find the right Product, Service and/or Seller all over the world.

No commission applied. All contacts are made directly between sellers and buyers.

All information is exchanged on, including detailed product specifications and capabilities.

Sellers and buyers can negotiate with each other, place selling and buying leads using 

All the news and new products can be shared with customers the same time they appear.