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Who we work with

How do we bring dealers
We bring dealers traffic through Search engines and Social Networks
Live meetings
We have made more than 90 meetings only in March, 2018 on IWA in Germany
Direct sales department
We have our own sales department which search and contact with new dealers for our customers
We travel and exhibit searching for dealers and distributors for manufacturers and vice versa
Our advantages
  • Richard, Chiappa
    Richard Velisek, Chiappa

    This site is a great idea! We have much more than one brand, and it takes many efforts to promote all of our brands and products. AmmoTerra solves that problem. More than that, I know team of developers personally, they know what market needs. 

  • Massimo
    Massimo Tanfgolio

    Sergei came to us with idea of AmmoTerra, and I told him: "Everything go's in to the internet, even the fireams market should do so". Now we will use the AmmoTerra platform to be exhibited 365 days a year.

  • Ivan Nagovicin
    Ivan Nagovicin, Techcrim

    AmmoTerra helps me to find new dealers for our factory. Good project with a very professional team, which I know personally.

  • Ilham Rejebli
    Ilham Rejebli, REC Dis Ticaret Ltd

    I have many products from different factories, AmmoTerra helps me to show all of that worldwide.

Our team

Sergei Sokolov
Sergei Sokolov
Founder and CEO

Sergei Sokolov is a entreprenuer in the sphere of import and wholesale of arms, a private investor with experience in online and offline business. Since 2009, he has been the Director of Business Development of RossImportArms Companies Group. Sergei is an active participant in the Russian arms community. Over the years, extensive international contacts have been accumulated. The result of this work was the AmmoTerra platform, which should simplify and significantly accelerate the interaction between participants in the international market of civilian weapons.

Maria Kalinichenko
Maria Kalinichenko
Co-founder, Advisor

Maria Kalinichenko has six years of experience in the field of import of civilian weapons. Working in the industry, she significantly improved her skills and knowledge in the field of international relations, logistics and import-export transactions. Interacting with the leading companies of the industry Magtech (CBC Brazil), Tanfoglio (Italy), ISSC (Austria) Maria mastered the knowledge of international arms legislation and strong partnerships with many important market participants.

Albina Yansaitova
Albina Yansaitova
Project Development Manager

Albina Yansaitova has eight years of experience in design and media sales. Participation in large-scale design and development projects helps Albina to effectively manage time and resources in achieving its goal - to make the AmmoTerra service accessible and convenient for our vast audience.

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