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Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign up

Just click the green Log In button.

If you have a Google account, please do click the red "connect with Google" button and then log in to your google account by entering your login and password.

In case you do not sign up with your Google account, enter your e-mail, then your password and confirm it. Next, click the "Log in" button.

After that you will be redirected to the main page on the right top corner of which you will see a message asking  you to check your inbox.

Open the "Confirmation instructions" letter and click the Confirm my account" button.

Finally, log in as a registered user at AmmoTerra.com.

How does the website work?

There are different ways you can contact your target audience.

First, you may find the right manufacturer or dealer in the catalogue and leave a message to them directly.

To do that you need to click the button “Contact company” and fill in the corresponding form.

The company will get your request and contact you soon.

Another way is to put your request using the link https://ammoterra.com/for-sellers-buyers.

Once again, the companies will reply asap.

Please contact us if you have any questions  or if you need any technical support.


Why should distributors and dealers choose AmmoTerra.com?

- You can enhance your reputation and make statements about your company;

- Brand new manufacturers are constantly looking for distributors;

- Our online exhibition is the easiest way to find a distributor or dealer for your needs;

- Well-known manufacturers might be not quite satisfied with their current distributors hence being in high demand for new ones listed on AmmoTerra.com;

- Place your bids, let suppliers and manufacturers know about your needs;

- No need to wait for the next exhibition, explore the market all year round;

- It is absolutely free;

- We don’t charge you fees or commissions.

How much does it cost to use AmmoTerra?

Every company with the request on selling their product gets a free access being able to place unlimited number of requests.

In case you are a buyer, we offer Premium Fare which will enable you with the opportunity to place your requests on buying some particular product.

To start your work with Premium Fare e-mail us [email protected].

Find the answers to your questions here.

We are happy to assist you in finding all the relevant information about AmmoTerra including what a user might benefit and tips on how to use the website.

If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Our team will be glad to help you.

What are the opportunities and benefits for manufacturers?

- You can check the purchase inquires from distributors and dealers interested in your product;

- Present a new product at any release date without waiting for the next exhibition;

- Leaving selling offers such as:
“New distributor needed”
“Special offers and discounts|;
“Equipment for rent or sale”;


- Display full range of your products for distributors 365 days a year, not just 3 or 4.

- Absolutely free, no need to consider travel costs and arrangements, not to mention the price of the booth at the venue.

What is Ammoterra.com?

Ammoterra.com is not only the first online arms exhibition and market, it is the project to change the whole arms industry.

We found a huge number of sellers or buyers in any country you would like to sell or buy arm products - more than 3940 companies around the world.

The number of products displayed on our platform exceeds 6700, and it is still growing.

Our goal is to provide people with the opportunity to buy and sell their arm products around the world by themselves.

Ammoterra.com will allow people to sell or buy goods without such obstacles as lack of information about companies and sales managers.

Besides, this website will provide people with the opportunity to directly contact distributors of some products.