Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section

We wanted to assist you with relevant information about Ammoterra, benefits to our users and how to get the best experience using our portal.

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What benefits for the distributor/dealer to exhibit on

- Build reputation, tell market more about your company;

- Brand new manufacturers need distributors.

- Our online exhibition is the easiest way to find your company;

- Well known manufacturers may be unhappy with their distributors and they would search a new one among distributors and dealers listed on;

- Leave your buying leads, let suppliers and manufacturers know about your needs;

- No need to wait for the next exhibition, explore the market 365 days a year;

- It is absolutely free;

- We don’t take commission.

How to register on

Just click on the green Log In button.

If you have an account that is connected to google, please click on the red "connect with Google" button, and then sign in to your google account by typing your login and password information.

Please type your email and then type the same password in each of the "password" fields.

Next, click on the "Log in" button.

Then you will be redirected to the main page, where on the right top corner you will see a message that states that you should go to your mailbox and follow the link to activate your account. T

here was sent an email to your email address that is called "Confirmation instructions". Please open it and click on "Confirm my account" button.

After that please Log in as a user with an existing account

What benefits for the manufacturer to exhibit on

- Check the purchase inquires from distributors and dealers, they might searching the product that you have;

- Present a new product at release date without waiting for the next exhibition;

- Leaving selling offers such as: - New distributor needed;

- We sell inventory with a discount;

- We are ready to lease or sell some of our equipment;

- Provide a full goods range presented for the distributors for 365 days a year, but not for 4-5 days only;

- Absolutely free, no need to pay for the booth and travel arrangements for you and your team.

How the website works?

hrought the websire you may contact with your target audience by different ways.

For example, in Catalog in found the intresting manufacturer or dealer.

So to leave the message for them you just need to push the button Contact company and fill the form The company will get your email and will reply you soon.

Also you may leave the selling/ buying offer here

The companies will see your requests and will reply to your email.

If you have got any questions or you want to connect with us, please fill the contact form.

What is is not only the first online arms exhibition and market, it is the project which really can change the whole arms industry.

We found a huge number of sellers or buyers in any country where you would like to sell or buy arms - more than 3940 companies around the world.

The number of our products is more than 67 hundred, and we are still expanding.

Our goal is to provide people with the opportunity to buy and sell their arm products around the world by themselves. will allow people to sell or buy goods without such obstacles as the lack of information about companies online and about sales managers.

Besides, this website will provide people with the opportunity to directly contact distributors of some products.

How much does it cost?

We offer the free tariff for every company with selling requests.

It' absolutely free and you can leave any number of selling requests.

If you are buyer we offer you Premium Tariff with ability to send Buying Requests.

To start work on Premium Tariff please contact us by e-mail or by phone +7(937) 475 11 82