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Manufacturer (own production)



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English, Spanish

About Company


Thanks to its constant improvements, always incorporating the latest developments in terms of raw material, design and technology, GAMO has experienced very significant growth throughout its long history. Part of this success was due to strict quality control, which has provided the GAMO products with their present, much-deserved reputation worldwide.

1889. ACSA is founded to produce high quality lead-based products.

1950. Antonio Casas Serra, the founder’s son, decides to produce high-precision airgun pellets, due to the growth of this product in the European market.

1959. INDUSTRIAS EL GAMO S.A. is born as a result of family and business considerations based on the existing lead-based products factory.

1961. The first GAMO airguns are launched into the Spanish market, with immediate acceptance thanks to their excellent quality. The first steps of the Company were directed towards the serial manufacture of air rifles, with completely interchangeable parts. The main goal was to develop a high quality product at a medium/low price to make it more affordable and to make the sport of shooting with airguns more popular.

1963. The first export sales to the United Kingdom, and continuing expansion through participation in European international trade fairs.

1970. A complete distribution network is set up, reaching more than 40 countries.

1980. Gamo begins business relationships and collaboration with similar manufacturers in Great Britain, the USA, Germany and Brazil.

1982. Because of the enormous increase in production, the pellet factory is moved to a larger site in a new industrial estate together with the Company's wood processing plant where the butts are manufactured.

1995. GAMO USA CORPORATION is established. After various attempts to distribute GAMO products in the United States, and aware of their positive acceptance the Company decides to acquire a North American distributor and to establish a subsidiary with headquarters in Fort Lauderdale (Florida).

2007. The group MCH Private Equity invests in Industrias El Gamo and acquires 80% of the Company with the aim of consolidating the brand leadership and boosting its expansion.

2008. Technology becomes part of GAMO’s philosophy with the incorporation of the Whisper noise-dampening system in many of its airgun models.

2009. The traditional manufacture of lead pellets undergoes an important revolution in GAMO through the emergence of new pellets in which different materials are combined as alternatives to lead.

2011. GAMO increases the capabilities of its airguns by replacing the classical spring by a new, in-house technology, the IGT (Inert Gas Technology) system that improves accuracy and stabilizes power.

2013. Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherill & Co (BRS), a New York-based investment fund, acquires 100% of GAMO Outdoor with the idea of implementing an ambitious plan for growth and international expansion.

Today, GAMO is a global brand with a market share exceeding 20%. It is a world leader in the manufacture of pellets and the largest European manufacturer of airguns. GAMO is the reference and first company you think of when talking about airguns, as its success makes it present on the five continents. All types of customers in over 90 countries worldwide can now purchase GAMO products.