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If you are interested in import, export, or wholesale purchase of weapon silencers, there’s no better place than AmmoTerra to find a buyer or supplier of military equipment.


A weapon silencer is a special mechanical device that is characterized by the ability to hide the flame of powder gases and to weaken the sound of a shot. Thus, this device allows the shooter to prevent attracting unwanted attention and revealing himself. A silencer can be attached to the barrel or it can act as an integrated part of the structure. It can be easily installed on any trunk. For this purpose, a special thread on the barrel is made, on which the device is screwed.


The principle of any weapon silencer operation is to reduce the velocity and pressure of the powder gases. This can be achieved either by expanding the gases in the chamber or by cooling them down with heat-absorbing materials used inside the silencer shell.


Silencers for weapons perform four functions:


  • eliminate the flash during the shot,
  • reduce the recoil (silencers for the pistols),
  • improve the accuracy of the shooting,
  • prevent the possibility of harming the hearing of the shooter.


As a rule, the smaller the caliber of the weapon is, the better the silencer works.


Silencers made by such brands as Rotex-IIA™, Impuls-IIA™, and by leading companies from Switzerland and the United States are presented on ammoterra.com. Available products are made of Inconel & Thermax or of aluminum and stainless steel. Sound suppression varies from ca. 19 dB (A) to ca. 30 dB (A) depending on the model.