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Shotguns from Guatemala

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  • Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico
  • Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico
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A complete list of suppliers of shotguns. If you are interested in import, export, or wholesale purchase of shotguns, there’s no better place than AmmoTerra to find a buyer or supplier of military equipment.


Shotguns became popular after the U.S. Army used them during the First World War while close-range fighting in trenches. Nowadays these firearms are mostly used for hunting or kept at home for self-defence. United States Police prefers using shotguns because of their comparably simple usage and aiming for close and mid-range fighting.  


You can easily choose the shotgun you need on Ammoterra.com. We present shotguns with a wide variety of features, technical characteristics, and prices from the world’s best companies, such as Chiappo, Italy; Tar Ideal Concept LTD, Israel and the leader of Chinese gun-industry - China North Industries Corp. (NORINCO).


Using a shotgun shell (a self-contained cartridge with multiple small, sphere-shaped projectiles) instead of a usual bullet is what makes a shotgun a separate kind of a gun. Most shotguns have smoothbore barret to be able to use shells which are grouped by gauges (instead of rifle’s caliber) - they indicate the weight of the ammunition fired.