Night Vision from Slovenia

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With sights or night vision devices you can more accurately target your weapon, even in total darkness or at dusk. The design of these devices is similar to monoculars for night vision. The main difference is that they have a special mount, which is used for installation on pneumatic or small arms. To transform the image of an object invisible in the dark, infrared or ultraviolet radiation is used. Due to this, the brightness of the image can be also increased.


Night vision devices are divided into the following types:


  • passive, which work in conditions of natural night illumination;
  • active, working with illumination and, as a rule, in the near infrared range;
  • active-pulse, which operate with illumination in the gating mode of the photocathode.


Also, all night vision devices can be divided into amplifying (intensifying the brightness of the visible image) and transforming (converting UV and IR radiation into visible).


Products designed by NITE SITE and other leading companies from Australia, Bulgaria, and Turkey are collected on The range of the night vision devices varies from 300 to 500 meters.