Blank/Gas/Rubberball Ammunition from Belgium

  • FN 303®-P
  • FN 303®-P

FN 303®-P

Brand name: FN HERSTAL

  • Pistol type :


  • Blank cartridges :


If you are interested in import, export, or wholesale purchase of alarm gas and signal ammo, there’s no better place than AmmoTerra to find a buyer or supplier of military equipment.

Alarm gas grenades, sets for distance or delayed usage, signalling cartridges for shooting with hollow-barrel pistols and explosion simulators are available on Characteristics that define the products presented on our website include smoke duration, net explosives quantity, dangerous goods classification, type of igniter, time of response and type of composed mixture. All the criteria listed above are conveniently shown on the product page. Despite 9mm caliber being the most popular, many other calibers (6mm, 8mm, 0.315, 0.22, ect.) can be easily found on AmmoTerra. 


Alarm gas signals and signalling shots can be seen from huge distances, showing the location of those who used it. Asking for help, giving SOS signals, is the most important function of the product. There are also screening grenades for training and fire-drilling purposes. 


A long list of companies and manufacturers we work with gives you an opportunity to buy exactly what your business needs. YUGOIMPORT, Serbia; Romarm, Romania; Arsenal 2000, the United Kingdom and other large companies work with us to provide a great selection for you.