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Airgun Pellets and BBs made in Latvia

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  • DSR Pneumatic Slugs.
  • DSR Pneumatic Slugs.
  • Airgun Cailbers :

    4,5mm /.177, 5,0mm/ 0.20, 5,5mm /.22

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There are four most popular types of ammunition used with air rifles and air pistols: diabolo-shaped pellets, darts, BBs, which are regular metal balls, and arrows. The first type is the most popular ammunition for air weapons in the world. It consists of two parts: a solid head and a hollow part attached to the back. These types of bullets are normally made from lead. BBs used to be very popular around the world, they are arguably the oldest type of ammunition used in guns. These bullets are best used indoors because their shape and caliber relative to the inside diameter of the barrels prevents them from being accurate in long-range shooting. While not suitable for use in spring-powered pistols, darts are a very common and effective type of air gun ammunition. Airbows, a common name for air pistols that shoot arrows, have become increasingly popular over the years due to their exceptional accuracy and consistency paired with high velocity. Visit ammoterrs.com to shop for all types of airgun ammunition.