Air Pistols from Peru

  • SNOWPEAK PP-700S-A airgun
  • SNOWPEAK PP-700S-A airgun
  • Power Source :


  • Airgun Cailbers :

    4,5mm /.177

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An air pistol is a type of weapon that uses compressed gas or air to fire projectiles (bullets). In the case of air pistols no chemical reaction happens in the gun when it is fired, as opposed to regular firearm pistols that use oxidation and subsequent combustion of gunpowder and other propellants to create enough force to fire a bullet. Another difference between air guns and firearms is the type of bullet used: air pistols and rifles use spheres or pellets shaped like diabolos and made from metal. Some air guns also shoot arrow-shaped bullets and darts. Contrary to the popular belief, air pistols are not only used for sports and self-defence, they are also very popular in hunting and warfare. 


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