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  • Sürbisa Vegetable Bush 61001
  • Sürbisa Vegetable Bush 61001

Sürbisa Vegetable Bush 61001


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About Product

Professional Vegetable Broom

Properties of the Brix;

Border mouth: 15,5 cm
Eni: 23 mm
Banner Thickness: 2 mm
Steel: French T7

Absolutely! Do not try to cut or crack frozen meats
Do not wash it in the dishwasher after using your broom!
After using your brush, wash it with a wet sponge and keep it dry.
You should take care not to wash knives under high temperature and with heavy cleaning chemicals. (High temperature and heavy cleaning chemicals cause deterioration of mouth and stalk.)
Do not strike or attempt to cut your biceps on bone or other hard surfaces.
When the blades of your knives are curled, it is absolutely necessary for the skilled knives to be sharpened by knife sharpeners. Conventional big wheel stones cause your knife to burn and the hardness of the steel to be lost. Please choose conscious and experienced sharpeners.
The biggest reason for the quick blunting of your boulder is the surfaces you cut. We recommend that you do not cut on hard floors (stone concrete floors, marble floors, kalebodur floors etc.)
Using the polyethylene cut sheets with TSE document for the cutting surface will prolong the life of your knives and provide hygiene at the highest level.
Never use your knives to tin open, open screws, drill hard surfaces. Blades are produced in such a way that you can yield at the highest level for jobs such as food chopping, peeling and so on. Using it outside of your production purpose can make your knife unusable and cause injury.

We recommend you wash with warm soapy water and dry towel after your business is over with your blanket. Many food items contain acids (fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.). The food pieces on top of your blade will wear your blade and may cause oxidation or even corrosion of these worn parts. Please hand wash your blades and keep them dry.

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