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  • Bicak Dunyasi (Bıçak Dünyası)

Bicak Dunyasi (Bıçak Dünyası)


Bicak Dunyasi (Bıçak Dünyası)

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)





About Company

In the establishment of Belden, Osman (known by his father name) was appointed to the conquest by the Konya Sultan at the time. The dominance of the region was in the Ottoman administration in 1429, even though it was under the rule of the Turkmen headmen until the year 1429. From this point of view historically, blacksmiths in the region have gained importance and knives were used to be used at the conquest of Istanbul. Gunpowder was also manufactured for use at the conquest of Istanbul. However, after this period, the information about Ottoman sources about the region which has decreased in importance has not passed beyond the information of daily captivity, but the madrasah in the area became important in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Now the bed, a small Anatolian town, is a brand known all over Turkey in the field of blacksmithing and crafts of historical significance as mentioned above. Almost every house on the ground is a workshop and occupies the vast majority of the population. Only limited variety of knives and knives have been added to the product range. Currently, production and sale of hammer, field tools, bond scissors, sheep cutter and similar products are carried out in different lengths. Historical importance of knives and other similar swords are limited and ordered. The resort's economic cooperatives for the marketing of these handcrafted products that bear the burden (third cooperatives in Turkey was founded in 1951) and and again in our country, a small number of established third public workshop brought the technology era was founded in 1995 and also perhaps in order to contribute to the profession heirloom assign it well for the first time in a resort in Turkey EML (Vocational High School) it was established in the last 15 years and is also held for the promotion of the resort's festive and products. Kefe Plateau is used as a festival area.

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