• Osvaldo Gatto German Matchlock

Osvaldo Gatto German Matchlock


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About Product

Model: German Matchlock
Subgroup: pistol
Manufacturer: Osvaldo Gatto Armas Antiguas
Action: Matchlock
Made in: Argentina
Caliber: 50
Barrel length: 10.23"
Barrel finish: Stainless
Barrel type: Round
Stock/Frame material: Walnut
Stock/Frame finish: Oil Finish
Grip: Wooden Checkered
Weight: 38.8 oz.

Replica of a matchlock pistol which has its origins in Germany and was built in the mid 17th century. It is a rare example which is hardly ever found in the weapon related bibliography due to the fact that it is a derivate of the famous German wheel lock pistol produced in the same century and used by the cavalry. Most well-known matchlock pistols are Eastern, derivates of Portuguese models which reached Japan in the 15th century. However this model shows that matchlock pistols were also used in the West. In this case, it is a 50 caliber weapon. To shoot it you press the trigger and, by opening the pan beforehand, the fuse gets in contact with the priming powder firing the charge. Its barrel is made of steel, its stock is made of walnut tree wood and its fittings are made of steel, too. Barrel: two ordered, plain interior, with target points. Lock: matchlock. Guards: Steel.

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