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  • Osvaldo Gatto Armas Antiguas

Osvaldo Gatto Armas Antiguas


Osvaldo Gatto Armas Antiguas

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)




English, Spanish

About Company

The tasks in our workshop are varied and cover a great number of precise processes and activities. Depending on the kind of construction required by each piece, regardless if it's a cannon, a dagger, a poniard or a pistol, there are clare stages to follow. The most absolute care in every one of them is of extreme matter for the complete finishing has the strength and the quality that distinguish our products. Every pistol has it genesis in a chop of wood that later will become a stock thanks to the careful work with de file. The complete finishing gets its best thanks to the use of lacquers, varnishes and resins. Regardless it is the blade of a dagger, the barrel of a pistol or the soul of a poniard, iron's nobility is a very important fact when it comes to choose the material to start building a piece. The polishing and finishing are made completely by hand. All of our cannons are forged in bronze and its stocks are made of walnut to give them more strength. All models of cannons and pistols are completely functional and shoot lead ammunition propelled by black powder.Claim this company account