• Laser rangefinder Moskito
  • Laser rangefinder Moskito

Laser rangefinder Moskito


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About Product

The Vectronix Moskito is a Laser Range Finder

A radically new design from Vectronix offers security forces a universal optronic device to support them through the full spectrum of a 24/7 deployment.

Moskito includes all the essential day/night viewing, measuring and geo-location functions in a most compact and user-friendly package. Like the highly successful VECTOR Rangefinder Binoculars, Moskito measures range, azimuth and vertical angle. In addition, it incorporates the latest image intensifier technology for night time viewing.

Rapidly varying light conditions, especially in the urban environment, demand an optical day viewing channel plus a quickly activated night channel. MOSKITO’s night channel uses an autogated image intensifier tube which dynamically adjusts itself to different levels of brightness.