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  • Lahoux Optics

Lahoux Optics


Lahoux Optics

Type of company:

Trading company (dealer, distributor)



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Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norway, English, German, French

About Company

Lahoux Optics is founded in 1992 and deals with nightvision in the broadest sense.

We are an agent of Photonis (previously DEP, as part of Delft Instruments), the Dutch producer of high quality image intensifier tubes which form the heart of traditional nightvision equipment like monoculars, goggles, scopes and attachments. The Dutch image intensifier tubes, XR5™, XD-4™, SuperGen, Gen II Plus, ONYX™ and 16mm are considered the best in the world.

Lahoux Optics manufactures several night vision devices such as the Lahoux LVS-7 goggle, the Lahoux LVS-14 monocular and the Lahoux D-545 and Lahoux LV-81 front attachments. Furthermore Lahoux Optics is distributor for nightvision equipment of the well known manufacturer Dedal, offering, among others, the D-370, DVS-8, D-480, D-490, D-450C, D-541/D-542, D-520 ,D-530 and D-552. Our office in Haarlem is the European service and repair center for Dedal nightvision equipment.

Furthermore, Lahoux Optics has its own production line of hand-held thermal imaging devices such as the thermal monocular Lahoux LM-11, the thermal goggle Lahoux LG-31, the thermal rifle scope Lahoux LS-51 and the thermal attachment Lahoux LV-21.
In the past, this technology was unaffordable and reserved exclusively for the military. Since a couple of years the heart of the system, the so called uncooled thermal core, is being produced in larger quantities, thus making them affordable.
In addition to our own production line we supply for police and surveillance applications the Flir H-series and for outdoor/hunting the Guide as well as the Flir Scout TS, the Flir Scout II-240,the Flir Scout II-320 and the Flir Scout II-640 which are based on this uncooled core.

The most recent development in night vision is the so called fusion technology where thermal imaging and image intensification technology are being combined together. Lahoux Optics offers the ClipIR in combination with a D-370 monocular or a Mini-14.

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