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  • Masking kit MKT-2S

Masking kit MKT-2S


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About Product

It is used to mask military equipment and military facilities on snowy backgrounds from optical reconnaissance means. The masking coating is a network nylon base with ribbons woven into it from a special polyethylene film painted in bulk.


Masking coating size 12x18m. - 1 PC.
Cord is sewn length 28m. - 4 things.
Cover-package - 1 pc.
Spare parts and accessories 1 set

The masking coating consists of 12 standard elements measuring 3x6m each, connected together by means of sewing cords.

The color scheme of the coating is one-color.
The colors of the coating are white.
The total area of ​​camouflage cover is 216 m2.
Weight of the set <80kg.
The temperature range of application is 40 ... + 50С.
The period of continuous operation of the kit is 2 years.
The kit is resistant to moisture (water), combustible materials (gasoline, diesel oil, oil) and detergents. The coating material is self-extinguishing (when the flame is removed, combustion ceases without residual decay).

Transportation of the kit in a packed form can be carried out by any means of transport.

The composition of the kit, as well as color, color scheme, shape and dimensions of standard elements can be changed at the request of the customer.

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