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Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



About Company

Textile company NITEKS (TK NITEKS), founded in 1999, is a recognized leader in the production and supply of masking and imitation products for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, as well as for other law enforcement agencies and departments.

To date, TK NITEKS is an enterprise with a rich scientific and technical potential, its own production and design base. The company's workshops are equipped with modern high-tech equipment for the production of visual masking tools. The company employs more than 100 highly qualified specialists. Production facilities of the company allow to produce more than 650 thousand square meters of camouflage coatings of various designs and types every year.

On our website, in addition to traditional products and materials, exclusive camouflage and protective-decorative coatings are presented.

Our production:

has no analogues in the Russian market;
meets the requirements of world standards;
created by innovative technologies;
comes at affordable prices.
Lightweight and durable camouflage cover consists of a specially treated textile material and a layer of polyurethane applied on it. This two-sided color material (of various colors) is practically silent, it has undergone special treatment to reduce gloss and glare, does not lose its properties even at extreme temperatures, is 100% protected from the adverse effects of the environment (moisture, decay, mold, ultraviolet radiation, fire).

Thanks to a wide range of colors, protective and decorative coatings are used not only for camouflaging military facilities, they are widely used in everyday life, for example, as shadow canopies of summer structures, light obstacles, shelters of building materials. These products are used, in particular, in hunting facilities and paintball clubs, in dachas, camp sites and recreation areas. For example: a special series of camouflage networks "Decor" is ideal for creating decorations and decorating festive events and exhibitions.

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