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  • Lebeau-Courally 9 Baron.

Lebeau-Courally 9 Baron.


Market types:


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Caliber :

12, 16, 20

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Model: Baron Baron Baron Baron Baron











Subgroup: over&under over&under over&under over&under over&under
Manufacturer: Lebeau-Courally Lebeau-Courally Lebeau-Courally Lebeau-Courally Lebeau-Courally
Action: Sidelock Sidelock Sidelock Sidelock Sidelock
Made in: Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium
Price: € 60,000 € 60,000 € 60,000 € 60,000 € 60,000
Gauge: 12 16 20 12 16
Chamber: 2.75" 2.75" 2.75" 2.75" 2.75"
Barrel length: 26" 26" 26" 28" 28"
Barrel finish: Blued Blued Blued Blued Blued
Barrel type: Round Round Round Round Round
Choke: Multichokes or Fixed Multichokes or Fixed Multichokes or Fixed Multichokes or Fixed Multichokes or Fixed
Stock type: English/Straight English/Straight English/Straight English/Straight English/Straight
Stock material: Walnut Walnut Walnut Walnut Walnut
Stock finish: Oil Finish Oil Finish Oil Finish Oil Finish Oil Finish
Butt: Rubber pad Rubber pad Rubber pad Rubber pad Rubber pad
Sights: Troy Iron Flip-Up Troy Iron Flip-Up Troy Iron Flip-Up Troy Iron Flip-Up Troy Iron Flip-Up
Trigger: Single Single Single Single Single
Ejector/extractor: Ejector Ejector Ejector Ejector Ejector
Features Show features Show features Show features Show features Show features

This action design was from the bothers 'Baron', famous in Liege for their technical knowledge and experience as gun makers. The action design is so good that it was later on used by other famous makers like Ivo Fabbri, Daniel Perazzi. It uses a trunion design to hook the barrels to the action, a side draw recoil buttress design that is replaceable like on the original Boss & Co design by John Robertson, and high double tongs lock up. The action is shallow, but extremely strong; the ejector rods come through the side walls and guarantee a reliable and positive ejection every time the trigger is pressed for each respective barrel. Back action rebounding side locks, with leaf springs, and safety intercepting sears to prevent accidental firing, and the best possible trigger pulls. With single (non selective) trigger or double trigger to choice. The action can be had with round body or square body shape, again to choice. THE BARRELS: The barrels used on BLE SxS guns are of the same construction and quality level as SLE SxS barrels, there is no difference. Chopper lump construction barrels of the highest quality steel, with or without mobile chokes. Lebeau-Courally start from rough forgings of finest quality steel that are deep hole drilled only. These rough chopper lumps are then brought to specs in the Lebeau-Courally barrel shop ,length, weight , profile, internal O , all according to customer wishes whilst respecting minimum and maximum CIP and SAAMI rules. Laser regulated, the lumps are then silver soldered together and the barrel loop is also silver soldered on the bottom tube . The lumps are then machined for the extractors and actions on which they will be jointed by hand with lampsmoke (tolerances of 1-1000 of a mm). Only then will the ribs be soldered on with a superior strength soft solder. Customer has choice of top rib design and size. Most of Lebeau-Courally new guns are delivered with thin wall mobile chokes, but they still build a fair amount of fixed choke guns, again all of this is customer choice. Lebeau-Courally use both Briley and Teague for mobile choke systems. Barrels can be made to pattern a specific cartridge , and steel shot proof or ´fleur de lis´ CIP proofing is standard issue unless the customer wants otherwise. WOOD: Only the best quality wood is used, Lebeau-Courally select and buy wood anually and make sure that it is ´straight in the head´ and technically perfect. After reception in LC factory the wood is weighed. This weight or weight change is then followed monthly for a full year to analyse the moisture degree. Only when they are convinced that the wood does not move anymore in weight do we know it is stable enough to work with , and the wood is then polished and prepared to be shown to customers for choosing. Customer has choice of stock and forend shape, stock dimensions are established on the shooting ground together with a certified internationally recognized gun fitter. Checkering is again to customers specs, as is wood finish. ENGRAVING: Liege has always produced some of the best engravers in the world. It is no secret that Liege engraver Corombelle introduced hand engraving in Italy, and Belgian engravers work for and with the most prestigous gunmakers around the world. Basis for this is most certainly the gun making school, coupled with an incredible know how of gun engraving through experience of people like (alfabetical order) Hypolite Corombelle, Cecile Flohimont, Philippe Grifnee, Alain Lovenberg, etc. , etc. . the Liege style is recognizable, as it couples superiour technique with creativity and beauty. Lebeau-Courally have 2 full time engravers in factory that engrave knives and guns. The gunmaker, Auguste Lebeau Courally, traces its own heritage in the gunmaking center of Liege, Belgium, back to 1865. Lebeau-Courally is one of the top names in a long line of quality Belgian gunmakers, which include Francotte, Bury and Duchateau. In the years since, they have built many guns for European royalty, including the Czar of Russia and the King of Spain. These guns are manufactured completely by hand using traditional methods to the highest standards. The best models require from 400 to 1000 hours of hand craftsmanship. All parts are hand machined from single forgings, minutely fitted, and joined by gun makers trained in Lebeau-Courally factory.

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