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  • Lebeau-Courally




Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



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English, French

About Company

There is no high-class gun shop in London, Paris, Rome, Cologne, New-York or Tokyo without a Lebeau-Courally in its prestige de luxe collection.
Ever since 1865, the foundation date of the Firm, Lebeau-Courally guns and rifles have been rated among the very top few in the world because they meet the most exacting criteria of weight, balance, precision and strength. Their finishing and their beauty have no match anywhere.
First prize at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition (1876), le Diplome d'Honneur et la Medaille d'Or at the Paris Exposition (1878) and la Grande Medaille d'Argent de Saint Petersbourg (the highest honor 1897) Appointed supplier to the courts of Spain, Italy, and Russia.
Lebeau-Courally's craftsmen specialize in the finest engraving. Available in a wide selection of standard or special styles and subjects to suit individual customers'wisches; fine or deep engraving or carving, abstract scrolls, flowers or other motifs, or hunting and game scenes, birds, dogs, etc..
The seasoned woods are selected from the best quality and most exquisite walnuts. Their color and grain, their beautiful figuring blend wonderfully with the sculptural sweep of the steel parts and are a joy to the eye and the touch.
Each Lebeau-Courally therefore individually benefits from a long compendium of rare qualities. The best finished models require from 400 to 1000 hours of hand-work by craftsmen.
All main parts are hand-machined from single forgings, minutely fitted together with lampblack and jointed, ribbed and struck up by gunmakers trained right in our factory.
The finished gun or rifle is therefore unique, perfectly built to the individual customer's specifications. Forever it bears the elite characteristics that craftsmen have painstakingly created from rought steel and heart of walnut. It is small wonder that our sporting arms are so sought-after by the most discriminate and prestigious clientele.
For several generations the Lebeau-Courally Firm has been proud to serve several Royal and Princely Houses, famous shots and renowned hunters as well as wise collectors.
For over a century, Lebeau-Courally sporting guns and rifles have been the answer to the everlasting dream of perfectionists who insist on nothing less than a rare and unique creation, impervious to time and fashion : jeweller's work of art, yet strong and discreetly elegant, completely hand-crafted by the gunmaker's and engraver's tools. Their value as an investment is seconde to none. Their performance in the field is flawless.

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