• HS 2000.

HS 2000.


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9×19mm Parabellum, 45ACP, 40 S&W, 45 GAP, 357 Auto

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Model: HS 2000 HS 2000 HS 2000 HS 2000 HS 2000











Subgroup: pistol pistol pistol pistol pistol
Manufacturer: HS Produkt HS Produkt HS Produkt HS Produkt HS Produkt
Action: Single Action (SA) Single Action (SA) Single Action (SA) Single Action (SA) Single Action (SA)
Made in: Croatia Croatia Croatia Croatia Croatia
Year: 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
Caliber: 9mm Luger (9x19mm Parabellum) 357 SIG (357 Auto) 40 Smith & Wesson (40 Auto) 45 ACP (45 Auto) 45 GAP (Glock Automatic Pistol)
Barrel length: 4" 4" 4" 4" 4"
Slide finish: Blued Blued Blued Blued Blued
Frame material: Polymer Polymer Polymer Polymer Polymer
Frame finish: Black Black Black Black Black
Overall length: 7.2" 7.2" 7.2" 7.2" 7.2"
Sights: Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot
  Adjustable Two Dots Adjustable Two Dots Adjustable Two Dots Adjustable Two Dots Adjustable Two Dots
Magazine capacity: 16 12 12 13 9
Grip: Checkered Checkered Checkered Checkered Checkered
Weight: 22.88 oz. 22.88 oz. 22.88 oz. 22.88 oz. 22.88 oz.
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After developing the PHP and then the HS 95, HS Produkt from Croatia developed the HS 2000 in 1999 as their third pistol design. The HS 2000 was from the beginning exported to the USA under it's original name, but in 2000 Springfield Armory become the exclusive importer for the USA. A few changes for the U.S. market were made and HS 2000 changed it's name to Springfield XD (Xtreme Duty). The XD is still made in Croatia and since 2000 it has been developed in a variety of sizes, calibers and finishes. FEATURES: Beginning with the slide, this part is Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machined from high-grade steel. After being heat treated, its Bruniral coated for a lifetime of hard use and rust protection, which is comparable to GLOCK'S almost indestructible Tenifer finish. HS2000's front and rear sights are dovetailed securely into the slide. Made of steel, these sights use the 3-white dot system and should last a lifetime. At the left front of the slide, there's a vertically angled cutout. It's a takedown notch where the lever swings upward. On top of the slide at the rear of the ejection port, a pivoting lever serves as a loaded chamber indicator, which can be verified by sight or touch. At the rear of the slide, a cocking indicator can be checked in the same ways. If in doubt, it takes only a second to verify that both these parts are protruding and the pistol is ready to shoot. Mated with the slide, the almost-conventional barrel is similar to that pioneered by SIG and used by GLOCK, S&W, FN, and others. Almost, because while this barrel locks against the front of the ejection port and looks like most improved Browning short-recoil barrels, the muzzle is enlarge like barrels on match competition pistols. With typical dual captive springs, the recoil springs system of the HS2000's telescopes to save space. The HS2000's matte black polymer frame boasts a number of advanced features. The frame's dust cover houses the metal plate with the pistol's serial number. It also leads to the wide, generous trigger guard that features a grooved extended portion for those who shoot with the supporting index finder there. At the front of the frame there is rail system for laser and tactical lights what makes HS 2000 suitable for service in Police and Military Special Forces. Advanced engineering and ergonomics, state of the art safety solutions and flawless reliability are some of the qualities that make the HS 2000 a truly revolutionary handgun. Built by Croatia's advanced HS Produkt production facility, this modern design is made to exacting tolerances using 21St century CNC machines and CAD-CAM systems. The resulting handgun is what independet law enforcement evaluators are calling a "World Class Pistol" equaling or exceeding the best avaliable anywhere. The HS 2000 incorporates locked action with 4 redundant safeties, one in the grip, a trigger safety, a firing pin safety (drop safety), and an out of battery safety. Manufactured by advanced state-of-the-art production processes, the HS 2000 is a mechanically locked, short recoil operated pistol featuring an automatic firing pin, block / drop safety, grip safety, trigger safety and out of battery safety. Firing takes place with each pull of the trigger until the magazine is empty. The slide stays open after you’ve fired the last shot. The action of the HS 2000 pistol utilizes a tilting barrel design in which the barrel and slide are locked together at the moment of firing. After firing, the barrel and slide recoil to the rear a short distance while still locked together. After this initial movement, the barrel tilts downward from its locked position, permitting full recoil of the slide and the extraction and ejection of the spent cartridge case. SPECIFICATIONS ON THE HS 2000 PISTOL: Mechanically-Locked, Recoil-Operated, Semiautomatic Pistol. Predesessor to the Springfield XD. Imported from Croatia between 2000-2004 by Intrac Arms.

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