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  • HS Produkt d.o.o.

HS Produkt d.o.o.


HS Produkt d.o.o.

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)




Croatian, English

About Company

HS Produkt d.o.o. was founded in 1991 after the first democratic elections in the Republic of Croatia. Since its founding, the company has been situated in Ozalj, around 50 km from the Croatian capital city, Zagreb. At the beginning of 2001, after international success of our most famous handgun, the HS 2000, and greater demand for production on the global market, the company relocated its manufacturing to Karlovac.

The HS handgun range is the third line of semi-automatic handguns manufactured at HS Produkt and its concept is based on knowledge and experience borne out of previous models. The first two models were PHP an HS 95, which were manufactured during the Croatian War of Independence and delivered to the Ministry of Defence.

In mid 2001, a long term contract was signed with the American company Springfield Inc, the main representative of HS Produkt for the North American market. After the first year of successful cooperation and satisfying high quality standards demanded by the US market (Springfield Inc supplies US police, military, FBI with its products including our handguns) as well as acquainting the market with our products, significant marketing and commercial results were achieved.

Since the beginning of the cooperation with the aforementioned partner, HS Produkt has recorded the highest sales growth of handguns in the world, and Springfield has recorded the highest import from one single manufacturing plant in the history of the US. HS Produkt exports 95% of its products to the US market. Its handguns were voted handguns of the year in the US in 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2013.

Another indicator of quality has been the assigning of a NSN (NATO Stock Number – NATO Code), by which products of HS Produkt (HS handguns and VHS assault rifles) have been awarded equal status in the weapons system used by NATO member countries.

HS Produkt also has the ISO 9001:2000/En ISO 9001:2000 certificate for development and manufacturing of handguns and handguns parts as well as manufacturing of assault rifles and its spare parts including the recognition of IZVORNO HRVATSKO (Produced in Croatia) for high quality standards. The company has for a number of years been the largest exporter to the United States and was awarded the the Zlatni Ključ (The Golden Key) and the Zlatna Kuna (The Golden Kuna). 

Apart from manufacturing semi-automatic handguns HS Produkt is also known for its manufacturing of the assault rifle VHS, which is the standard service rifle in the Croatian Ministry of Defence. The VHS assault rifle is produced in the ´bullpup´ version using 5.56×45 mm calibre. The assault rifle also has additions such as grenade launcher, optical sight with red dot and sight enhancer, which are also products of HS Produkt.

Today, HS Produkt is a manufacturing facility utilising the latest technologies for manufacturing infantry weaponry and one of the largest handgun manufacturing facilities in the world. 

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