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  • Camouflage suit Goblin
  • Camouflage suit Goblin
  • Camouflage suit Goblin

Camouflage suit Goblin


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About Product

The most famous camouflage suit for a hunter is Leshy (or Kikimora). Masking suits were so named because of their external resemblance to mythical characters - Lesch and Kikimora.

Leshy (forest man, leshak, forest uncle) is a forest spirit, a forest proprietor, a supernatural being, similar to both a human being and an animal. In folklore, there is almost always no clear description of the appearance of Leszno, because he merges too much with his native element - the forest. Hunters, imitating a forest creature, create costumes that can also hide in the forest space. Like Leshoy, a person becomes "his" in nature. The camouflage suit of Daredevil carries a certain sacral meaning: a man strive to take on the appearance of a mythological being, to become part of an ancient belief.

Such camouflage has long been so popular among hunters, because it was always possible to make it at home from improvised means. The costume of Leshy was made by each hunter in his own way. Materials for the manufacture of disguise used a variety of: from the grass to the rags of tissue. The minuses of homemade costumes were labor-intensive and the duration of their manufacture, and the most camouflage clothing was enough for only one hunt. With camouflage suits Leshy, presented on our website, hunting will turn into real pleasure! Camouflage costumes are not drenched, they are treated with anti-reflective impregnation, they have a long service life, they are soft and noiseless.

Camouflage suits Leshy are the best option for hunters, fishermen, huntsmen, tourists and all those who prefer outdoor recreation.

The lineup:
Masking suits "Leshy":
• Short jacket with detachable hood and pants

• M / L
• XL / XXL

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