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  • 1727 potzdam pistol

1727 potzdam pistol


Market types:


Black powder/muzzleloader type:


Pistol type:

Break-action and single shot

Caliber :


About Product

Loyalist Arms and Repairs is pleased to introduce our 1727 flintlock Potzdam pistol.

Potzdam was a major arms producing town throughout the 17th to 19th Century.
This particular pistol, is intended for the cavalry or dragoons .
The barrel length is 15 inches, making it one of the longest pistols of it's time.
The thumb piece bears the mark of Fredrick the Great, one of the great military leaders of all time..
This pistol would have been used throughout the 7 Years War in Europe, French & Indian War, and Revolutionary War in America.

This pistol bears the same general style, typical of all Germanic firearms of the 18th Century. Heavy stocks with chiselled relief carving around lock area, breech tang, and thimbles. The locks, (unbridled), also have that heavy chiselled look. *This prototype pistol has a steel rammer. Production models will have wood rammers.*
Caliber is .65.

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