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Famous Pneumatic Weapons Manufacturers

Airguns from these manufacturers have won the recognition and respect of shooters from around the world thanks to the perfect combination of their technical qualities.

The American pneumatic weapon of the Crosman pneumatic company is able to compete with pneumatic products from any other company.

And this is an absolutely normal result for a manufacturer whose experience in the field dates back form almost a hundred years ago. For such a period of time, it is possible to thoroughly master all the subtleties of making the ideal small arms, which carry out shots using the energy of compressed air.

Since the demand for air rifles today is quite high, it makes sense to develop the production of such products. It is this, in fact, that the Western Crosman company is actively engaged in. The policy of this company is aimed at the manufacture of high-quality Benjamin Crosman air rifles, the most common air rifles 4 5 that will be available to a wide range of consumers regarding their cost. Pneumatics from the world-famous company called Crosman, which is located overseas, are included in the list of the best, according to consumers. Airguns from this manufacturer won the recognition and respect of shooters from around the world thanks to the perfect combination of their technical qualities.

They have good aiming accuracy, rather high power level, fast recharge and durability. These and some other characteristics of the Crosman air rifle greatly affect the formation of consumer opinion. In the manufacture of pneumatic Crosman (air cross-country rifles) durable and lightweight materials are used, which allows you to create high-quality weapons (rifle crosman air), which at the same time will have a relatively small weight.

The range of rifles from the company Crosman is quite diverse and combines weapons from different price ranges (of course, the higher the price of the product, the higher its technical characteristics).

Especially for connoisseurs of shooting, the German company Umarex (Umarex), famous throughout the whole modern world, creates its own pneumatics.

This company was founded several decades before the beginning of the third millennium, therefore, when the countdown of the twenty-first century began, there was enough experience and practice in its arsenal of knowledge to produce the highest quality air rifles. Despite the fact that at the beginning of its existence, the Umarex brand specialized exclusively in the production of signal pistols and tear gas, after a relatively short period of time, the world also saw pneumatics manufactured at the company's facilities.

The process of development and improvement of technologies for the production of weapons proceeded continuously until now. This is probably the reason for the tremendous success of Umarex products, which today are imported from Germany to many countries in Europe and the world. Of course, the air rifles of this manufacturer can be found on the real and virtual shelves of weapons stores in Russia. Absolutely all umarex rifles that are issued under the Umarex logo and have a number of technical characteristics, which, in fact, ensures the success of the product. First, pneumatics from this manufacturer are pretty powerful. Secondly, the level of precision accuracy of the Umarex rifles is almost off scale, and this is very important for small arms.

On the shelves of weapons stores, you can see not only the standard classic-shaped combat rifles, but also copies of shotguns, submachine guns and other weapons. In general, products from a well-known manufacturer with a loud name Umarex (air-rifle air rifles) can serve as a good example of real weapon quality.

Pneumatics Hatsan is a fairly well-known Turkish company that manufactures pneumatics.


In addition to airguns, Hatsan is also a manufacturer of military weapons for the armed structures of Turkey. This company has been on the market for more than 80 years. For the production of its pneumatics, Hatsan has its own factories, and, of course, a testing ground for its weapons, so the company manages to track the entire production process at all its stages, while guaranteeing the quality of each element of its pneumatic guns. For a long time of its existence, the pneumatics firm Hatsan has been awarded many times by various certificates from many international organizations.

Indeed - Hatsan air rifles have a high quality, reliability and ease of handling. Steel is the main material for the manufacture of rifles, while some decorative parts are made of plastic using modern technologies.

Air rifles Ataman - a high quality weapon from the Russian company - LLC "Demian", designed for target shooting and hunting, has high accuracy when shooting at long distances.

Assembling and testing rifles occurs in Russia, while the production of barrels in Germany. Ataman grip rifles belong to the type of pneumatic weapons with pre-pumped - PCP ,and the shot is provided by the air in the tank, under high pressure. Demian Ltd. produces pneumatics as a caliber of 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm and 6.35 mm. All products have a unique design. The history of the company originates from a company that was engaged in the repair and modernization of foreign-made pre-pumped rifles (PCP). Thanks to the experience gained, designers have the opportunity to create better products within the framework of domestic production. These pre-pumped rifles have high quality and reliability. Later, the company began developing and producing high-precision sports and hunting weapons.

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