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The world manufacturers of rifle scopes

Below are the top popular models of scopes belonging to the high accuracy series (PRS).

Brand Schmidt and Bender still occupy a leading position among the other models. Despite the fact that Schmidt and Bender PMII 5-25 × 56 has a ten-year design, it still continues to be the king of long-range scopes throughout the world.

Vortex is an American company. It specializes in the manufacture of optics for outdoor enthusiasts who need scopes, binoculars, optical tubes, riflescopes and others. There are a lot of excellent rifle scopes on the Vortex rifles that hunters like.

For example, Viper is one of the best options for hunting. Vortex continues to strengthen its position in the market, and an increase in sales of 5% in 2017 is due to the release of the new Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27 × 56 optical scope.

The Bushnell brand also continues to expand the range of its products. A lot of people prefer to use Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS 4.5-30 × 50, which remains one of their favorites.

Statistically, a lot of shooters who take part in competitions use this scope. Bushnell riflescopes have many useful advantages. Hunters are pleased to acquire them.

Due to the stunning water resistance, these scopes can be used under heavy rain; due to the smooth adjustment of the ratio, it ensures maximum accuracy of aiming; Due to the soft eyecup, it ensures safe use of the scope with strong recoil.

At the competition there were several shooters who used the popular U.S Optics ER-25 5-25 × 58 riflescope. It was designed to hit targets over a long distance and contains several distinctive design features that other models lack.

The main ones are considered in the field test, containing an overview of especially high-quality glass used in this scope. U.S. sights Optics SN-9 are the ideal tool for long range shooting and combines the use of traditional design with the use of 21st century technology. The unique system of the "suspended" objective part of the scope allows you to get the range of adjustment vertically at 235 MOA, a value inaccessible to other scopes.

Especially careful adjustment of the lens system allows you to get a crystal clear image. Several competitors used Kahles K 6-24 × 56. This scope has proven itself quite well in field trials, prompting many enthusiastic exclamations.

Zeiss and Kahles are the oldest names in the world of scopes and Zeiss very carefully develops and maintains its brand.

The range of scopes is quite wide - from the average price range and above, and the quality is excellent for each model. Zeiss does not release a single low-quality scope. At some points they are quite innovative, but at others they are relatively conservative. Weaver can also offer great scopes. They are more than good for their money and compete well in the lower and middle price ranges with a wide range of hunting and a couple of good-quality tactical scopes.

Also worth noting is the PFI - RAPID RETICLE. The PFI brand is built around innovation in their proprietary reticle. As scopes, they use sufficiently reliable Japanese models.. Customer service is at a decent level, and marketing also deserves respect. This is a relatively young brand, therefore, they are approaching a turning point that will determine whether they will remain a highly specialized player in this market, or move to a quantitatively higher level of logistics, marketing and all their activities.

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The world manufacturers of rifle scopes

Below are the top popular models of scopes belonging to the high accuracy series (PRS).