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The World's Biggest Weapon Companies

The tendency towards a decrease in the volume of arms trade, which began to manifest itself after the end of the Cold War, has sharply ceased due to the growing demand for weapons in China, India and the United Arab Emirates.

This growing demand was gladly met by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, which supply 75% of all weapons in the world, and 1/3 of all weapons are sold to the United States. The production of deadly weapons is becoming increasingly profitable as the leaders of the United States and Great Britain, around the world, pursue a policy of "democratization." The following is a list of the world's most profitable weapons companies, compiled by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

10. L-3 Communications, America: $ 10.8 billion

This American company manufactures everything from electro-optical sights, surveillance devices, to training facilities for everyone working at NASA and the Department of Homeland Security. Founded in the late 1990s and created from various divisions of Raytheon and Lockheed Martin (note US military software companies), L-3 has been making high profits for more than ten years in a row, even before it began to experience difficulties as a result of cuts in the US military budget.

9. Finmeccanica, Italy: $ 12.5 billion

The Italian defense company Finmeccanica is one of only three non-US companies that are on the SIPRI list. Founded in the late 1940s, it operates in seven areas: aeronautics, helicopter engineering, comic technology, electronics, air defense systems, vehicle design and construction. This means that Finmeccanica does everything: from airplanes and trains, to 76 mm cannons used on sea frigates.

8. United Technologies, America: $ 13.5 billion

United Technologies is the only company on this list that increased its sales from 2011 to 2012. This happened, probably because military products account for only 22% of all its activities. Despite the fact that this company is involved in the creation of elevators, escalators and fuel cells, it is also the manufacturer of the infamous Black Hawk helicopter, which is used in the armed forces of the United States, Turkey, Korea and Colombia.

7. EADS, the Netherlands: $ 15.4 billion

In January 2014, the European international company EADS was renamed AirBus Group, and although weapons and ammunition make up only 21% of their sales, the company is still included in this list because it earned more than $ 15 billion from the sale of military aircraft and space rockets, military satellites and technology.

6. Northrop Grumman, America: $ 19.4 billion

B2 Northrop Grumman continues to produce aviation and radar products, including sensitive AN / APG-80 fast scanning target radars.

5. General Dynamics, America: $ 20.9 billion

This Virginia-based company begins its history with the Holland Torpedo Boat Company, which made its first American submarine back in 1900. The company's current activities are divided into four areas: ship systems, ship combat systems, information systems and technologies, and aerospace engineering. It is written on the company's official website that it is the world leader in the production and improvement of tracked and wheeled combat vehicles, weapon systems and ammunition for the US military forces and their allies.

4. Raytheon, America: $ 22.5 billion

Raytheon is the world's largest manufacturer of guided missiles. It is a manufacturer who started working before the start of World War II (originally in the refrigeration industry).

3. BAE Systems, UK: $ 26.9 billion

British Aerospace Marconi Electronic Systems is one of the few non-US companies on this list. It was created as a result of the merger of several companies in 1999. 95% of the company's projects are devoted to the production of weapons, most of which are related to the aerospace industry. The company is a manufacturer of Typhoon fighters and Tornado, which are used by the British Air Force to protect the airspace of the United Kingdom.

2. Boeing, America: $ 27.6 billion

In 2013, Boeing earned $ 86.6 billion in sales of its products, about a third of which were arms sales. The main departments responsible for arms sales are divisions of the company “Military aircraft and Rocket Complexes” and “Space and Communications”. Despite its British origins, the Boeing headquarters is located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and their main offices are in Washington and California. The company uses its aerospace experience in the production of bomber, fighter and unmanned aerial vehicles.

1. Lockheed Martin, America: $ 36 billion

In 2012, Lockheed Martin received a little less than $ 30 billion in profits. This huge company was founded in the state of Maryland, and now has around 120,000 employees and the world's best scientists, engineers, and even journalists. It is responsible for developing the huge Lockheed C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft, the Lockheed U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft (one of which crashed during the Cold War), and for creating the world's most advanced tactical fighter, the Boeing F-22 Raptor.

In addition, the company is involved in the creation of next-generation quantum computing systems, which are also exploring Google and IBM.

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