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Information About Russian Firearms Market That Exporters Should Know

This is the main arms list that can be sold in Russia in accordance with the current Russian legislation


No license needed: 

Air guns and PCP <7,5 Joules together with the caliber less than 4,5 mm;

Blank guns or alarm pistols and revolvers cal. less than 6 mm.

License obligatory:

Air guns and PCP> 4,5 Joules;

Smooth barrel hunting guns caliber 12, 20, 16 etc.;

Hunting Rifles caliber 22 LR, .308, .30-06, .223 Rem, 9 mm, 38 Special etc.

Blank guns or alarm pistols and revolvers cal. more than 6 mm

Self-defense pistols and revolvers also called traumatic or rubber ball calibers 9 mm PA, 10x28, 45 Rubber

Regular pistols and revolvers calibers 9 mm Luger, 9x17, .38Special, 22 LR etc. can be sold only to shooting clubs or special forces.

License for a rifle can only be issued to hunters after 5 years or more of ownership of a smooth barrel shotgun; 


The following firearms and ammunition are restricted from being imported to Russia.:

  • Ammunition for traumatic or rubber ball guns. It should be made or assembled in Russia ;

  • Traumatic and rubber ball pistols and revolvers, together with their main parts. Possible to  be  made or assembled in Russia from steel parts or from blank guns;

  • Long guns less than 800 mm;

  • Firearms with the magazine for over 10 rounds;

  • Firearms with the silencers;

  • Full auto rifles, shotguns, pistols, and revolvers.

All the imported guns should be tested in the proof house and pass the CIP standards.

The biggest segments of the Russian firearms market:

These are the biggest segments of the Russian firearms market:

  • Airguns and PCP’s. No shooting range needed, low prices and no license needed make that categories number one on the quantity and sales volume.

The main exporters on the Russian airguns and PCP market are Taiwan, China and Turkey.

  • Shotguns, mainly semi-auto, side by side and over and under. Ammunition for shotguns.

The main exporters on the Russian hunting market are Turkey, Italy and Czech Republic.

Hunters usually choose famous brands or good quality together with affordable prices. Because of the strict regulations, it is time-consuming to get the license, so Russian hunters are focused on buying firearms that will serve them for decades.   

  • Traumatic and blank guns. For the last 3 years the volume of that segment has been decreasing, mainly because of the strict rules for receiving the license, but still, it is one of the biggest segments.

Main exporters for the Russian blank guns market are Turkey and Italy.

Some of the main Russian firearms dealers:

Here is the list of some of the main Russian importers of firearms and ammunition:

  • Firearms distributor RossImportArms located in Ufa;

  • Firearms dealer Shans located in Kostroma;

  • Firearms distributor Allians located in St.Petersburg;

  • Firearms distributor Levsha located in St.Petersburg;

  • Firearms dealer Kolchuga located in Moscow;

  • Firearms dealer Izharsenal located in Izhevsk;


Because of the huge Russian territory, there are two main logistic ways. By airways to Moscow, St.Petersburg or Ufa airports and the second is the sea freight to the St.Petersburg harbor.

Import procedure:

Import permit = 30 days

Each shipment should be certificated by the officials; it takes up to 20 days.


License procedure for civilians:

  • Drug test;

  • Psychiatrist check-up;

  • Medical test;

  • Courses, theory and shooting exam;

  • Police background check-up and having a safe at home.

  • Timing  - 45-60 days.

  • Every five years the license needs to be renewed. The procedure is the same, the only difference is that there is no need to take the courses – all you need is to pass the test.

  • If you need more information about Russian firearms dealers, legislation or import procedures, do not hesitate to ask us.


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