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Famous Painball Equipment Manufacturers

Paintball has become a very popular sport all over the world: in Europe, Africa, Asia, the United States and other countries.

One of the oldest equipment manufacturers is Angel Paintball Company.

Being a paintball company, this name befits a product. WDP is a paintball maker, distributor and owner of paintball fields in Europe.

AWDP paintball guns are of great value to all paintball players around the world. Angel, which is known for its electropneumatic paintball guns, uses a pneumatic solenoid to activate the firing pin and / or activate the bolt. Angel paintball gun is the fastest weapon of all represented in the paintball industry today. 

The Angel Paintball was formed in England in the mid-90s. Angel is known as WDP, which means Who is ready to play. Angel showed a high technical level when they debuted in the mid-90s; guns shot the paintball balls instantly, showing a two-digit number of balls per second.

Angel's paintball gun can cycle 30 times per second. When Angel first released a paintball gun, there were some problems. Then, after gaining experience and testing, Angel returned to the beginning, changed the design of paintball guns, and now they have a unique line of weapons. Here is a list of Angel paintball upgrades: Angel v6 (early LED model), Angel LED, paintball gun, Angel LCD, Angel Ir3, Angel Speed ​​Angel 4, Angel Fly, Angel Speed ​​2005, Angel G7, Angel G7 Fly, Angel Speed ​​2006, Angel "The Gat" (customized the version of the marker "06 speed) and the most popular paintball weapon right now is Angel One.

Unfortunately, the company was closed in 2011. The last project was Angel Paintball mask Angel Eyes, characterized by an extremely futuristic look. 

The company Angel Paintball Gun Company has released a weapon that shoots the ball faster than anything.

The Angel 1 marker is only 7.2 inches (183mm) long and 8.6 inches (219mm) tall, which allowed it to acquire the smallest profile that a high-profile marker can have.

Angel 1 weighs 35 oz (990gr), including a battery / ASA / regulator and 38.8oz (1100gr) with a two-part Feather-Lite barrel with stepped holes. Angel paintball has always had a reputation as one of the fastest weapons in its class and the Angel 1 marker is no exception. To this can be added an adjustable fire mode from 10bps to 31bps, Angel paintball Company now offers unlimited options for setting shooting speed. Angels's 30+ bps shooting mode is unmatched among other available paintball markers. The Angel One paintball gun is not a cheap paintball gun; however, the price includes quality, long life and stability.

A set of nuts, a glass with a Redz angel clip, a set of LCD parts, a universal seal kit and an Angel tool kit with a sensor and a sensor kit for a paintball marker Angel G7. The Master Tech unification came first in 1999, but only in the 2000–2001 tournament season it was activated. Initially, the group sought to create a service for the WDP in order to assemble a single group of technicians to participate in major US events that would provide continued, high-quality support for Angel users. Since the beginning of the program Master Tech has evolved into something more ambitious.

Over the years of cooperation, the Master Tech group realized that if they united in the field of retail services, they would have every opportunity to offer Angel users a level of service that is not in the industry.

With the launch of the Speed ​​Mark in Las Vegas, the WDP Master Tech team announced that any marker purchased through one of the Master Tech points will receive a guarantee valid in all Master Tech service outlets. This means that, in addition to the service that a customer receives in all major US tournaments, they can send their Angel marker to any of the seven Master Tech Service centers throughout the US and Canada in case maintenance is required.

Over the years, the Master Tech group has gained experience of successful work and the association decided to work with WDP on affordable, custom Angel series with a design that is as unique as the warranty support. Working on a custom-made marker, the group decided to launch Angel Force - the only company that would work with all the goods and services of Angel.

After a fruitful collaboration, the Master Tech group was presented with a test marker at the Campaign Cup in London and was immediately approved for production. The company Smart Parts Paintball deals not only with paintball guns and equipment. Smart Parts Paintball also works with teams. Smart parts paintball sells weapons and equipment to a paintball player who is not part of their team. For individuals and the entire team, Smart parts have developed the best scenario and tactical weapons, equipment, components, and low-cost paintball kits.

Characteristics of the ionic paintball guns Smart parts:

  • mini Shocker Style under the balloon with a Twist On / Off valve,
  • semi-automatic,
  • shooting with zeroing at three breaks, full automatic, and ricochet shooting mode, shooting 17 balls per second.

Break-beam Vision “eyes”, reliable and durable, “eyes” are mounted in a separate panel for full centering.

High efficiency is provided by reliable 1000-1400 shots from a 68ci cylinder, 4500-psi without modifications.

JT Sports is a world-renowned leader in the development, production and distribution of paintball products, including paintball markers, balls and accessories.

JT Sports is the first manufacturer to provide paintball products to consumers through easily accessible channels such as general merchants and major sporting goods stores. Approximately 75 percent of the company's sales are accounted for by national and regional retailers of general merchandise, such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and major sports stores, such as The Sports Authority and Dick’s. In Neosho JT Sports works in two places. Paintball balls are produced in Neosho industrial park.

In the second branch of the company, the cimpany produces a line of licensed products. Within this framework, products are made for well-known and not-so-well-known paintball teams — baseball balls with team logos, for example, as well as products for Disney and other companies. JT Sports also fulfill private orders for the production of licensed products.

Tippmann paintball markers such as the Platinum version of the legendary model 98, as well as the A5, X7 and X7 Phenom are the most common markers in this type of paintball.

The latest innovations, which have filled up their already incredibly successful arsenal, add new abilities to the Tippmann line and significantly expand the limits of possibilities. Together with the US Army, Tippmann, under the name US Army Paintball, released a new tactical semi-automatic marker Project Salvo.

The all-aluminum marker is completely identical in appearance, feel and performance to the M4 / AR15 rifles, including a folding stock, aiming slats and a magazine in which you can store tools. Inexpensive but reliable paintball marker Salvo will appeal to economical players for its military appearance and stable performance. Recently, Tippmann also released the long-awaited semi-automatic TPX paintball gun, with an aggressive appearance, low weight, ergonomics, an extensive list of characteristics, and stable operation in all conditions. More recently, Tippmann revived the legend, the incredibly reliable SL-68 2 pump marker.

Inexpensive, but reliable, durable and simple, the SL-68 2 allows players to enjoy paintball for much lower costs, or to replenish their collection of markers with an excellent pump marker for a reasonable price .

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