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Spanish Firearms Manufacturers and Dealers

Firearms legislation plays a major role in the manufacture, market, and sale of firearms.Additionally firearms laws vary between countries making the sale and importation of firearms rather tricky without legal counsel.

Over the years mergers, moves, and other financial decisions have pared down the number of currently active manufacturers.

So today we will be looking at active firearms manufacturers and dealers within Spain.

We will divide the list into two groups.

Custom manufacturers and general retailers.

Each of these will be in order of their availability and quality. For retailers, accessibility and stock will determine their place on the list. For manufacturers, most on the list will be according to their accessibility.

As an honorary mention since it does not directly deal with firearms, Instalaza is a Spain based small arms manufacturer dealing predominately with explosives and sighting equipment for the modern infantryman.

The produce rifle grenades, hand grenades, and shoulder fired missile launcher that can fire a variety of payloads for anti-tank, anti-bunker, and anti-personnel roles.

This company is part of Spain's national defense manufacturers, but is one of the only ones that does not deal with vehicles or technological programs beyond those required for their weapon's targeting system and nightvision packages. It has been active since 1943 and continues to produce quality products.

Custom Manufacturers within Spain:

Aguirre y Aranzabal, or AYA, was established in 1915.

They offer custom built double-barreled shotguns and rifles, in addition to a few standard models. They are more geared toward the high end hunter and sportsman with a large amount of money available to them. No prices are available on their website and potential customers are encouraged to get a quote for their new firearms acquisition indicating the prices are more than likely higher than $1000 USD as is normal for long standing firearms companies.

Grulla Armas, established 1932, is another custom, semi custom shotgun and rifle maker.

They offer a downloadable catalog of their baseline models which include several side-by-side shotguns, double rifles, and a bolt-action rifle. Priding themselves on almost entirely unique guns, their prices will be quite high. From custom engraving, caliber, and construction, Grulla Armas manufactures usable works of art, with a few standardized models to get newer buyers started. Their website is easily navigated and is setup similar to Holland & Holland's website. They also provide a list of their dealers by country so you can purchase their firearms locally instead of a custom gun directly from them.

LARM (La Armeria de Madrid), a manufacturer of shotguns and rifles for over 100 years, tracing their heritage back to the “beginning of the 20th Century”.

LARM's major customers are world leaders such as kings, presidents, and prime ministers. They emphasize the love of the hunt and offer information in regards to hunting so the higher-end hunter would also fall into their clientele. They offer custom shotguns, double rifles, bolt-action rifles, and take down rifles all to the customer's specifications.

Arrieta Escopetas has been manufacturing firearms since 1940.

They expanded into an international company in 2012 with extensions into the United States and the United Kingdom. They manufacture semi-custom shotguns and double rifles and supply dealers around the world with their products. They also supply options for fitting a shotgun to its end user in addition to related accessories. The pricing will not be for the average shooter. Their website is easily navigated and not at all confusing.

Armas Garbi is an entirely custom maker.

Their prices will be on the high side and they have a dealer in William Larken Moore. Their home website is confusing to use and it is best to go through a dealer unless you want a very specific shotgun made for you.

After the custom makers we find the dealers of firearms. They mostly supply the common man, hunter, or target shooter although some supply higher priced firearms. In general the cost of firearms in Spain is comparatively slightly higher than their U.S. or U.K. counterparts

Firearms Dealers in Spain:

William Larken Moore, is a high-end dealer of shotguns.

They feature a bargain list for the firearms they offer but generally deal in shotguns and other firearms that are in excess of $10,000 USD some of which are around $150,000 USD. They import and sell firearms for the richer firearms enthusiast and hunter. Their website is easily navigated and have a helpful, although cluttered, price list.

Ravell is an online store catering to hunters, law enforcement, and competition shooters.

They offer a variety handguns from major brands such as Glock, Smith & Weason, CZ and Walther. They also offer semi-automatic and bolt action rifles. Second hand firearms are also featured on their website in addition to traditional military surplus such as bayonets, and new manufacture police gear (ballistic vests, medical gear, etc.). Accessories for hunting, sports shooting, and reloading are all offered by Ravell. Their website is easily navigated but some of their more specific links lead to dead end pages, so the more general your search the more items are brought up.

Armeria TopGun is a more gun-centric website.

They offer personal accessories (clothing and equipment) and a larger variety of accessories for firearms. Target shooting, precision rifles, and .22 conversions are available in addition to competition pistols, defensive pistols, and revolvers. Shotguns, hunting rifles, and air guns are also offered in addition to their maintenance equipment and support gear. Their website is very easy to navigate and prices are clearly displayed for ease of reference in addition to having a favorable and unfavorable rating for their products.

Alvarez Gunshop claims to be the top gun shop in Spain.

Their products are too broad to be only a gunshop and appears to be a similar company to the U.S. companies such as Dick's Sporting Goods and Bass Pro Shop. They focus more on the hunting aspect of firearms while offering some handguns, but clearly their focus is on hunting weapons and air gun compared to other sites. Their site is a little harder to navigate, especially because of the large number of products that they do offer, but if you have a particular hobby in mind you can easily find a category for it and its subsets.

A- lzquierdo is a brick and mortar firearms dealer.

They offer a wide variety of firearms, ranging from historical/black powder to surplus firearms and modern manufacture firearms. They offer Spain compliant gun safes and reloading equipment. Handguns, shotguns, and rifles as well as all sorts of sporting accessories are offered by Alvarez Gunshop. Their site is easily navigated and each category has an indicator of how many items are covered by that category. Prices are easily seen and are geared toward the common shooter, hunter, and collector. Bergara is a barrel manufacturer that also sells rifles and firearms accessories. They specialize in making quality barrels in addition to offering several models of bolt action rifles in precision setups, take-down models, and standard hunting rifles. They also offer carrying cases and slings. Their slings not only go for rifles but also bows and crossbows as well. Their site is nicely setup and only deals with the products they sell, which is a very small list that lacks any clutter.

Armeria Toscando & Conde is a hunting and fishing store.

They provide a large number of products connected to those two activities and a few things in regards to airsoft. They mostly deal with compressed air guns, hunting semi-automatic rifles, and shotguns. They also feature mid to high end firearms while providing reloading and hunting equipment. Their site has a very wide variety of products, most of which are more support oriented for firearms rather than actual firearms.

Gabilondo Armeria Sport is a sporting, IPSC, and law enforcement shop.

They offer second hand firearms in addition to newer target, competition, and police firearms. Most of their recommended products are for IPSC tournaments and training, but they also offer hunting rifles, shotguns, pistols, and .22 conversions. A large number of their handguns are more suited for self-defense or law enforcement. A lot of their extra stock is secondhand firearms so if you cannot find something you want in their in-stock firearms there might be in their second hand listings. Their site is moderately easy to navigate and is competition shooting heavy, much more so than other sites in this list.

Black Recon is a big box store type site.

They offer a large variety of products and all sorts of firearms from revolvers and pistols to rifles and shotguns to .22 conversions and archery equipment. The site is very product heavy which can make find specific products troublesome. Although they seem to have everything, the site is more geared toward the low to mid market in regards to their products outside of firearms which is solidly in the common shooter area except for a few of their rifles.

Espingadaria Belga is more a name brand dealer, such as Beretta and Benelli.

They offer several self defense options such as pepper sprays and tasers. They also offer military market firearms, hunting rifles, shotguns, and a variety of handguns in addition to weapon accessories and ammunition.

Azor is a real gunshop with claims to over 40 years of experience.

They offer a lot of products especially in the hunting market, including dog accessories, knives, and clothing. The site itself is done in both English and Spanish. The site is obviously an attempt to modernize their business. The site can be used but it is solidly in the late 1990s to early 2000s level of web design. It is very much a local gunshop online. It is serviceable and offers affordable firearms but falls in the middle of most of the shops on this list as it balances ease of use, prices, and quality of service.

Spain has a larger number of accessible firearms dealers than the U.K. They however do not have as much history or high end manufacturers as the U.K. either. Spain is more focused on competitive shooting and hunting and their available goods reflect that. They on the whole offer a decent selection for their military customers, but the market is more civilian in nature.  

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