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  • Westley Richards Rhino 2

Westley Richards Rhino 2


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470 Nitro Express, 500 Nitro Express, 577 Nitro Express

About Product

The calibre on a fixed lock rifle is restricted to .470 or .500 because it is designed specifically for dangerous game hunting in Africa. This type of rifle has proved to be immensely popular with professional hunters. The Westley Richards best action includes an exceptionally strong model 'C' dolls head extension to ensure excellent locking between barrels and action. This action comes with disc strikers fitted as standard. Replacement of these is a simple task with the use of a hand tool. Customers are encouraged to purchase additional strikers, so in the slim chance of breakage, the rifle does not have to be returned to the factory for an otherwise straightforward repair. There is a choice between traditional double triggers, with front articulating, or the Westley Richards patent single trigger. Known throughout the world for it's reliability, this trigger has been imitated, though never duplicated. On the underside of the action, the user can select whether to fire the left or right barrel first by manipulating a sliding lever. Automatic ejectors are standard on this model, however standard extractors can be specified if preferred. This action comes with a manual safe or automatic safe fitted as standard. A manual safe is the usual choice on a double rifle and requires user intervention to place the safe on, whereas the automatic safe clicks on when the rifle is opened. A stalking safety can be incorporated into either of these, this is an additional bolt that insures unquestionable safety while stalking with a loaded rifle. False sideplates can be added to the rifle - imitating the look of a sidelock and allowing scope for more elaborate engraving patterns. The addition of clipped fences adds visual appeal and some additional horizontal strength to the action. Westley Richards use only the finest chopper lump barrels to insure faultless accuracy and quality. Most barrels range in length from 22 to 28 inches, depending upon the calibre and shooting needs. Westley Richards can offer advice on selecting the most suitable barrel length. Generally, a quarter rib is the proper provision for holding sights. The most common leaf combinations are: one standing, one standing plus one folding, and one standing plus two folding. These leaves can be sighted for any range. Other leaf combinations can be catered for upon request. Options for the foresight include a standard ramp or the Westley Richards patent Foresight - considered by many to be the best option. The Westley Richards patent Foresight is entirely hand made, and includes a hinged cover with checkered sides for ease of handling. Once the cover is back, the user can select the standard bead, or flip-up moon bead - which, because of it's iridescent nature, can be seen in even the most dim circumstances. A replacement bead assembly containing both the standard and moon bead is available. Westley Richards offers two types of telescopic mounts on double rifles - the claw mount and the pivot mount. The claw mount, favoured for its ease-of-use, operates by placing the front 'claw' into the mount at an angle, and then lowering the rear into the back mount until an audible click is heard. The compact form of our claw mounts integrate with the rib of the barrels. The pivot mount consists of a ring front mount and a dovetailed rear piece. The scope is placed into the front mount at a ninety degree angle, and is then turned until the rear ring faces the rear mount. A button is then used to lock the lever. Whichever mount is chosen, rest assured that neither will result in loss of accuracy from repeated dismounting. Gold name engraving comes as standard on this rifle, however traditional scroll is also available at an extra cost.Fixed lock rifles are stocked with standard grade walnut, however, select and exhibition grades are also available. Grading is based upon density, dryness, age, and the quality of grain, as well as many other characteristics that make the wood unique such as the figuring. Exhibition grade stock tends to be made from immensely figured or rare wood. Please note that if requested a rifle can be stocked using the customers own blanks. All stock is finished with a pistol grip and Westley Richards can cater to left-handed shooters by incorporating a left hand cheekpiece. A standard metal grip cap or a trap door grip cap, to hold a spare foresight bead, can be chosen. Any finish or engraving pattern that is found on the action can be duplicated here. Generally known as the proper butt on an English double rifle, the Silver's pad is a standard compliment to any calibre rifle. However, a softer rubber pad can be chosen to reduce the impact from recoil. Westley Richards also offers a leather covered option for both versions in a choice of colours. An optional gold oval plate can be fitted to the underside of the stock to carry the owners initials. Decoration such as a crest can also be catered for. The traditional splinter forend is standard on this rifle. A modern, fuller, beavertail style which wraps around the barrels and offers more hand protection, can be chosen if preferred.


Model: Rhino 2
Manufacturer: Westley Richards & Co. Ltd.
Action: Boxlock
Caliber: 470 Nitro Express
Barrel length: 28"
Barrel finish: Blued
Barrel type: Round
Stock type: Pistol Grip
Stock material: Walnut
Stock finish: Oil Finish
Butt: Rubber Pad
Sights: Front - Express
  Rear - Express
Trigger: Double Trigger
Ejector/extractor: Automatic Ejectors
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