• Molot -123-01 b / o (590) K.7.62x54

Molot -123-01 b / o (590) K.7.62x54


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The boar VPO 123-01 7.62 x54 590mm is a self-loading rifled hunting rifle of 7.62 caliber.

Semi-automatic weapon VPO 123-01 has a gas reload mechanism and a magazine containing 5 rounds.

Orthopedic butt with a hole for the thumb and pistol grip allow you to perform the most comfortable aiming and descent.

The carbine is equipped with a rubber butt pad, due to which recoil is reduced when fired.

The fore-end and orthopedic butt are made of walnut, giving this carbine a classic and elegant look.

7.62 caliber rifled weapons are suitable for hunting roe deer, wild boar, elk and deer. It can be used for sports and training shooting.
Self-loading hunting rifle Hammer Vepr VPO 123-01 7.62 x54 590mm created on the basis of the Kalashnikov light machine gun. It has high reliability and workmanship. These characteristics are indispensable when hunting in harsh Russian conditions.

The design of the carabiner ensures reliable functioning of the parts and the mechanism

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