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  • Vigilance M18 V440 bullets

Vigilance M18 V440 bullets


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.50 BMG


Rifle Calibers

About Product

Vigilance Rifles® V440 Cartridge - .440 diameter bullet, using the 50 BMG cartridge as parent case.

The angle of the shoulder and the length of cartridge remains the same as 50 BMG.

The neck is simply squeezed down to accept the .440 Bullet and have .005 neck tension.


The chamber runs a tight neck at .489 - only about .001 clearance with new Winchester Primed Brass

​​​Available for Windrunners M96 through M18.

​​The cartridge is nearly the same as 50 BMG, using the same head space gauges.

Fits and feeds from you 50 BMG magazine.

​​We offer re-barreling of other manufacturers rifles: some alterations to the bolt may have to be performed.

​The process takes seconds - all it takes one squeeze, stretching the brass .01, ready to load and fire.

​​Full-length / form die and neck-size only die, you use your 50 BMG shell holder and 50 BMG bullet seater to push the bullets to the 5.450 OAL.

User friendly - we've done all the heavy lifting for you.​

After first firing, you will need to trim the brass.​


.440 Diameter – 2.50 long – 600 gn. RBBT / Rebated Boat Tail – Tellurium Copper

​Load 225 gn. H50 BMG Max

3125 fps - with 36 inch Chromoly 1:13 twist

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