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The Target Man™ “Triple Tap” – AR500 Steel Reactive Shooting Target

Triple Tap is a new 3-stage reactive target system constructed from ballistic grade AR500. When it’s manufactured by The Target Man™, you know you’re getting a quality tactical training aid!

This three way target system is perfect for someone to enhance their tactical shooting skills. Here you have a head shot, hostage target, and center mass shot, and now a gut shot – all in one! Perfect for the LEO, gun enthusiast, and even the recreational weekend “plinker”. We’ve engineered this to ensure your training focuses on all of the “take down” areas of the bad guy!

This kit is available in a few different configurations for all budget levels. Here you are purchasing a pre-welded target with a throat. You can save by purchasing the un-welded kit and fab up your own base. This version is found in our DIY AR500 Target section. 

Our setup is designed to be used with 1.5″x.25″ angle iron. We sell all of our reactive targets without the angle iron. You can source it locally for $12-$15, or you can buy it separately in the Replacements and Add on section of this site. It’s a more expensive option simply due to the shipping cost. Remember, we want to make this target kit affordable for all budgets. If possible we recommend you source it locally.

Target Specifications…..

  • Target height: 19.5″
  • Target width: 12″
  • Center hole of target diameter: 4.5
  • Center hole reactive paddle diameter: 6″
  • Gut Shot target hole: 9″ wide
  • Hostage reactive paddle width: 5″
  • Target comes unpainted.

We recommend using 46" angle iron for his target.

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