• Molot TIGER isp.05 k.7.62*54

Molot TIGER isp.05 k.7.62*54


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The Tiger carbine chambered for 7.62x54R is developed on the basis of the legendary SVD Dragunov sniper rifle and is unified with it as much as possible.
Appointment: shooting training, hunting.
• reliable gas exhaust automation
• chrome bore and chamber
• effective fixed slotted flame arrester
• rifling pitch optimized for use with hunting cartridges 7.62x54R
• laminate bed and fore-end (wood)
• ergonomic skeleton buttstock
• removable cheek on the butt for easy shooting with optical with a sight
• Mechanical sights, the marking of the bar is authentic to the combat counterpart - 1200 meters
• side bar for mounting optical sights and collimator sights

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