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  • Thermal goggles SHADOW 3D
  • Thermal goggles SHADOW 3D
  • Thermal goggles SHADOW 3D
  • Thermal goggles SHADOW 3D

Thermal goggles SHADOW 3D


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About Product

SHADOW 3D is multifunctional thermal 3D glasses creating a familiar to an eye three-dimensional image which guarantees a high level of comfort in the conduct of surveillance, search, orientation and movement on the ground at any time in difficult weather conditions.

Thermal 3D glasses are designed for military or civilian use and meet the most stringent standards. The ability to easily detect any thermal object in adverse conditions such as fog, rain, snow, dust veil, hurricanes, blizzards, natural or artificial smoke, allows applying the device in the search and rescue operations, detection and elimination of fires, in the course of recovery work after natural disasters, in border security, in maritime and ground patrols, in military and special forces operations, in special law enforcement operations. Easy to use, ergonomic, compact thermal 3D glasses are also ideal for home use, observing wildlife, outdoor activities and hunting.

SHADOW 3D is a modern high-tech component-based electronic unit and advanced functionality in a single compact device. With minimal dimensions and weight, a shockproof housing comprises following integral parts and elements: two highly sensitive passive receiver of a far-infrared range with a resolution of 640×480 pixels, two mini-OLED display with a resolution of 800×600 pixels, two high-quality lens, a computer with a Linux operating system, atmospheric sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity), electronic compass, 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, GPS module, interfaces for remote control, communication and data transmission, controls.

SHADOW 3D is a central device for integrating the IR&D products. Latest multimedia data monitoring and control interfaces allow streaming images on devices with an iOS / Android platform, sending and receiving a streaming image with the imposition of telemetric information from the IR&D surveillance devices and sighting systems, text messages in the group, photos and videos, their own coordinates and coordinates of the detected targets with a reference to digital maps. The device is equipped with an interface for remote control of the IR&D surveillance devices and sighting systems. Special interfaces for communication and data transmission for IR&D devices provide effective connection and high efficiency in the interaction of either a separate working pair, or units equipped with a multifunctional 3D SHADOW complex.

3D SHADOW is a multifunctional device which combines an autonomous surveillance device, helmet-mounted target designation and display system, monitoring and planning tool, communication and control device. However, what truly impresses is a natural stereoscopic effect and depth perception when you put on 3D glasses for the first time. The effect is the same as if you are watching a 3D movie! The familiar three-dimensional image, instant visual identification of objects which are closer and which are farther, comfortable prolonged observation since you are using both eyes.

Small size and weight, excellent ergonomics, easy use, flexibility and multi-tasking, wearing glasses 3D SHADOW, you will always be one step ahead.
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