• TangoDown Magazine Catch for Glock

TangoDown Magazine Catch for Glock


Market types:

Civil, Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

About Product

The newest product to be released by Vickers Tactical is a collaborative effort between Larry Vickers and TangoDown LLC. It is a slightly extended magazine release for the Glock series 9mm/40/357SIG and now the Glock 20, 21, 29 and 30 series. The black plastic magazine is molded from the same material as the factory original, but is slightly extended and has rounded edges. Larry has always felt the Glock standard magazine release was too short and the extended Glock release was too long. In addition, both versions have sharp edges. After wondering if anyone was ever going to offer a better version, he decided to partner up with TangoDown and offer it as a Vickers Tactical product.

Larry has known Jeff Cahill for a long time and has used Tangodown products for years with excellent results. “They were a natural as I consider them one of the best plastic accessory makers in the firearms business” – Larry Vickers

The Vickers Tactical Extended Magazine Release was designed to prevent the magazine from accidentally being released if laid on a flat surface.

An absolute must for anyone using a Crimson Trace Glock laser unit since the stock magazine catch is almost impossible to activate with a CTC laser in place.

Models – All 9mm/40/357SIG/10mm/45ACP Glock models.

Installation – 99% of the time it is easily user installed. If you run into problems, have a gunsmith install it.