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Semi-automatic, AR Type


.223 Rem

About Product

Tactical Rifles is pleased to introduce the Tactical SPG- Special Precision Grendel™. The 6.8SPC is a step up from the .223 in terms of energy on target, particularly with the Haig mandated non-expanding bullets in use with the Military; the ballistics of the 6.8 limited that round to being an effective 300yd cartridge. The 6.5 bore diameter offers massive advantages in terms of the availability of extremely high ballistic coefficient bullets. Simply put, longer more streamlined projectiles fly flatter and are less affected by wind, than shorter more stubby projectiles. The B.C. of the 6.5 diameter, even though the AR mag lengths limits their weight below the normal maximum available for 6.5 bolt guns, is still in the early to mid .500 range- well beyond virtually all .308 bullets! It’s extremely easy to regard muzzle energy as being more important than it really is. It’s not how the bullet forms at the muzzle that counts, it’s what it does hundreds of yards away. The wider acceptance of the 6.5 by the U.S. Ammunition Industry means that this round is now a completely viable chambering for us to offer. Offering ballistics comparable or better than the .308 at long range, but with recoil similar to the .223 and enhanced reliability, the Tactical SPG is a viable 1000yd cartridge in an AR platform.

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