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  • Tactical Pistol - Level 1
  • Tactical Pistol - Level 1

Tactical Pistol - Level 1


Market types:

Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

About Product


This 4-day firearms training course provides a formal, structured training format for:

•New shooters seeking to learn proper operation and use of the semi-automatic pistol.

•Students seeking to transition from the revolver to the semi-automatic pistol.

•Students seeking to transition from DAO or DA/SA semi-automatic pistols to striker fired semi-automatic pistols.

This firearms training course provides students with formal information and training on firearms safety, nomenclature, operation, basic gun-handling skills and use of force laws covering self-defense & personal defense applications.

This hands-on firearms training class develops the student's skill-set through proper dry-practice techniques, live-fire drills, fundamental diagnostics and structured training sessions that prepares students for the tactical application of the semi-automatic pistol.

Training is done in uniform, with load bearing equipment and individual gear, as well as on multiple terrains and in confined spaces. Battlefield conditions such as low light, battle fatigue is simulated during the training sessions. The skills taught are all compatible with high-speed transitions to and from primary to secondary weapon systems.

Our team can deliver this training at one of our partner training facilities or at a facility of the client’s choice on demand.

This course is accredited by SILVERBACK. It provides an academic recognition for military personnel, Special Forces and police officers.


The course includes all training materials, practical work based simulations and will include, but not be limited to the following topics: -

• Firearms training safety rules review.

• Principals of personal defense.

• Mental conditioning and combat mindset.

• Enhanced tactical aptitude.

• Review of shooting fundamentals.

• The natural action stance and thumbs forward grip.

• Methodology of combat shooting the pistol.

• Refining presentation of the pistol from the holster.

• Refining presentation of the pistol from ready pistol.

• Balancing speed and accuracy.

• Reducing stimulus / response time.

• Multi-shot progressive shooting drills.

• Multi-shot rhythm drills and split time reduction strategies.

• Moving off the line of force.

• Threat assessment and area scanning.

• Dominating the weapon, threat and visual areas.

• Engaging threats while advancing and withdrawing.

• Engaging threats during continuous movement.

• Engaging threats from static turns and pivots.

• Engaging multiple threats while negotiating obstacles.

• Ammunition management and reloading techniques.

• Malfunction clearance drills.

• Combat gun-handling skills.

• Multiple threat engagement strategies.

• Weapon retention issues.

• Disparity of force issues.

• Use of the flash sight picture vs. perfect sight alignment.

• Mastering Sight Gear 3 - Front sight proximity shooting.

• Team shoot-offs on steel and paper targets.

• Man vs. man stress course - combined skills evaluation.


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