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  • Superior Erosion Resistance

Superior Erosion Resistance


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About Product

Metal erosion or erosive wear may be defined as the destruction of a metal material by the abrasive action of liquid, gas or solid particulates striking the metal surface. The severity of erosion damage is determined by the hardness, shape and size of the particulates as well as their velocity and impact angle. Erosion damage occurs in many industrial applications and is a significant cause for the deterioration of metal parts and the need for service, repair and replacement.

Duralar stands up to erosion

The exceptional hardness of Duralar coating is its strongest defense against erosion. Its unique nanocomposite blend of metal and diamond components gives it a hardness and toughness that can stand up to erosive forces as very few coatings can. Also, Duralar is a very smooth coating with a low coefficient of friction, which further helps to deflect and minimize erosive effects.

In addition, since Duralar coatings are built in layers they enable users to tailor coating performance to the specific application at hand just by changing the thickness or formulation of the layers. So, for example, erosion resistance could be enhanced for a particular application, to give it greater hardness or toughness, simply by adjusting one or more of the layers.

Duralar is a very unique hard coating, and it is uniquely effective at combating erosion.

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