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Product description:

To improve visual efficiency, has extended viewing comfort and object detail. This compares with the current surveillance binoculars military binoculars. In general, the limit violation is designed for controls and border patrol missions. But it is also used by military and police units. It has a 80 mm objective lens. Thanks to the unique quality of Steiner provides enhanced low-light performance and sharp images. Zoom range without compromising the broader field of vision. Using the airport and patrol observation binoculars is an appropriate model.


  • Thanks to its flexible silicone lens frame provides resistance to shock.
  • Fully multi-coating thanks to a brighter, high contrast and sharp image contours.
  • N2 Injection ™ system; 14 psi house is filled with dry nitrogen at a pressure of optics. Thus providing clear without fog and mist occur in all circumstances.
  • Lightweight and durable providing NBR rubber coating is made of durable polycarbonate material.
  • Durable body shows resistance to 11 Gs of shock.
  • It is resistant to extreme conditions.
  • Pressurized nitrogen-filled tubes show resistance to water up to 16 ft.
  • There are tripod connection that allows long-term observations to be made.

Technical specifications:

Magnification Ratio: 20x

Lens Diameter: 80 mm

Optical System: Fully multi-coated

Viewing Angle: 100 meters to 7 meters

Eye Baby Output: 4 mm

Brightness: 16

Twilight Factor: 40

Tire Viewfinder: Cylindrical

Material: Rubber / NBR long life

Water Resistance:  5 meters

Weight: 1927 g.

Height: 29 cm

Width:  22:25 cm

Length: 9.5 cm

Neck Strap: Yes

Neck Strap Connection: Standard

Water Resistance: up to 16 ft.'y

Warranty: Heritage ™

Lens Protection: Yes

Rain Protection Cover: Yes

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