• Smith Carbine Artillery Cal.50

Smith Carbine Artillery Cal.50


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During the so called period of transition, soon after the end of the Civil War, many weapons were originated and played a more or less important role in the American history. The Smith Carbine was one of those weapons: many pioneers ventured to the West armed with their trustworthy Smiths. The hinged breech action allowed a quick and easy reload even on horse- back.

The reproduction of the Smith Carbine is available in CAVALRY version .50 cal. with saddle bar ring, ARTILLERY (bm) with sling swivels and finely hand engraved.

​​The walnut shoulder stocks feature a brass buttplate and mount. They can be quickly fixed to the guns for a better shooting accuracy. Available for the PIETTA 1851 NAVY MODEL, PIETTA 1860 ARMY MODEL and PIETTA 1858 NEW MODEL ARMY.

SMTA50 50 1:66” SINGLE 21 5/8” OCT/ROUND STEEL WALNUT 39” 3.5