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  • Small-Medium-Large Caliber Weapons

Small-Medium-Large Caliber Weapons


Market types:

Civil, Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

About Product

Though we specialize in weapons of Eastern Bloc origin, we are capable of delivering virtually any common armament needed. The items listed below represent the materials we most commonly provide. If you don't see what you're interested in below, please contact us.

Infantry Weapons:

  • AK47/AKM, AK74 and other AK Variants
  • PKM and RPK
  • M4, M16 and Variants

Machine Guns:

  • 12.7x108mm DShK and NSV
  • M2 .50BMG
  • 14.5mm Machine Guns - various types


  • RPG-7
  • RPG-32
  • GP-40 under-barrel launcher

Artillery and Mortar Systems:

  • Artillery 105mm through 155mm
  • Mortars 60mm through 120mm
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