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The 15 mm signal cartridges are designed to be fired by special pen-type launchers. The connecting thread size of the launcher is M9x1.

Because flares are so bright or produce loud sound they have a variety of emergency or just signaling uses. They are perfect for camping, hiking, inshore distress signaling, Forest Service, fishing, canoeing, cross-country ski, aviation and so on. They are designed to extinguish afret 6-7 seconds before they descent as to prevent forest-fire.

We do carry a wide range of 15 mm flares:

- flares with illuminating effect- red, green, white and triple-colour (red, green, white), silver comet and red comet

- flares with audible effect- bearbangers and whistling

- flares with audible and illuminating effect- comet bearbangers.

The bearbangers are also known as Bird Bombs, Bird Bangers, Noise Bombs, etc. Thir main feature is their delayed bang action with the range of 30-50 m height of flight.

All the flares with illuminating effect may be used for distress signaling or just as a locator. The red one is usually recognized as a distress signal. The green is used as an "O.k."signal and the white may be used as a locator.

The comets are known for their sparkling tail that follows the flying flare and may point the movement direction.

The whistling flares, also known as screamers, produce loud, high pitch whistling sound. Their piping sound lasts until the end of flare's flight.