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Gamba Concorde Round Body


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Gamba Concorde Round Body
The Pure bred with fixed trigger group

The similarity between firearms and motor cars is one of the most used comparisons, maybe because it is one of the most truthful.
Being the little brother of the Daytona, it is distinguished only by the non-detachable trigger group.

The Concorde has been designed with the precise intention to build a shotgun which is perfect for the novice or the champion and will put either of them in the winners circle.
The same thing holds true for our hunting version of the Concorde, so perfectly balanced that it is a pleasure to carry in the field.
The concorde action relies on the same Daytona end “Boss” style locking system”.

Again the CNC machines are used to rough out the actions and then skilled craftsmen finish the guns by hand.
All of the same special heat treated steels and barrel materials are used for this model just as in the Daytona.
The national proof house in Gardone Val Trompia tests every barrel before assembly is allowed to continue, guaranteeing total soundness.
The Concord is available in either 12 or 20 gauge and barrel lengths ranging from 26 to 32 inches.
The Gamba patented automatic ejectors are built extra strong to ensure reliable and simple extraction of spent shells.
The Concord has been put through a 100,000 round torture test to prove realiability.
At the end of this test the gun was still synchronized and functioning perfectly.
All Concord models are available with either single-selective or non-selective triggers and, on special order, adjustable for length of pull.
Guns are available in versions, sporting and hunting with either fixed chokes or optional screw in chokes.
The hunting version of the Concord is built slightly lighter and trimmer than the competition models to assure speed and handling in the field.
The recoil reduction qualities of the Concord are the same as the Daytona again due to the ballistic yield of our barrels and low profile receiver.
Accuracy and point of impact are assured due to the painstaking manufacturing process of the barrels and choke installation.
Just like the Daytona the Concord may be ordered with special engravings and extra wood.

Subgroup: over&under
Manufacturer: Renato Gamba
Made in: Italy
Gauge: 20
Chamber: 2.75"
Barrel length: 27"
Barrel finish: Blued
Barrel type: Round
Choke: Full Set
Stock type: Pistol Grip
Stock material: Walnut
Stock finish: Oil Finish
Butt: Ventilated Recoil Pad
Sights: Front - Brass Bead
Trigger: Single Trigger
Ejector/extractor: Automatic Ejector
Weight: 7.8 lbs.
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