• Remington VERSA MAX Waterfowl Mossy Oak Duck Blind Camo LH

Remington VERSA MAX Waterfowl Mossy Oak Duck Blind Camo LH


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About Product

The new benchmark in reliability semi-automatic shotguns. The VERSAMAX ™ dispels the conventional view and all the yardsticks of reliability with a mechanism that was not identical to the past. Having demonstrated the reliability of the hunt and in extreme endurance tests thousands of shots, accepts all rounds of caliber 12 with absolute consistency, softer kick and less maintenance than you knew before.
Each charge. Anywhere. Every time. The new top of the technology of automatic filling.
• The most versatile and reliable shotgun on the market.
• Works reliably with all rounds 12 caliber than lighter shooting rounds 70 mm
by the heavier magnum 89 mm.
• The gas system Versaport ™ regulates the operating pressure based on the length of the calyx.
• Reduces the kick that a 20 caliber weapon.
• With self-cleaning mechanism of the Versa Max ™ plowed through thousands of rounds in a harrowing ordeals.
• Synthetic stock and duck with gray embossed handles.
• The trunk has covered holes in the top surface for mounting sights.
• Extended trigger guard and a great security for easier use with gloves.
• The coating of the outer surface of the barrel with multilayer protective TriNyte ® and armor
with Nickel and Teflon internal parts offer excellent resistance to oxidation.
• For codes 81042 and 81043 are 5 internal chucks Probore ™ (Full, Modified, Improved
Modified, Light Modified and IC)
• For codes 81048 and 81054 are 4 extendible chucks Probore ™: (Imp. Cylinder,
Modified, Full and Extra Full).

Overall length: For codes 81042 and 81048-49 "15/16" for codes 81043 and 81054-47 '''15/16.
Butt length: 14 1 / 4 "- Small Slope: 1 ½" - Great slope: 27/16 "