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  • Project and Supply Chain Management

Project and Supply Chain Management


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About Product

Ace Inotec provides comprehensive project and supply chain management services throughout the entire lifecycle of our work for you. We will:

 Use our risk mitigation methodology, one that we share and use in consultation with you.

 Provide you accurate, timely reporting so that you are constantly 'in the know'.

 Align and synchronize between different vendors in the supply chain, taking into account their individual, sometimes complex needs.

 Take into account and address technical and regulatory requirements, including those of the specific business segment, those which your systems require, and those that country laws and regulations demand.

 Negotiate, develop and sign contracts with local businesses.

 Handle all transport and storage needs, including post-production.

 Manage local warehousing and logistics for you and your customer's forward-supply needs.


Our approach to Project and Supply Chain Management includes the following professional standards and services:

 We stand behind our work; where we include additional partners in our work, we remain accountable for all aspect of the production, even if there is an issue with a third party in our production network.

 We offer turnkey production solutions; we’ll manage every aspect your project so you can get on with your business with peace of mind. We do so transparently.

 Optimise time, cost, quality and value: For example, if you tell us your mission-critical parameters and the ones where we can be creative, we’ll find ways to cut costs without damaging your final product. Hand-packaging of certain items, for example, can reduce costs and even add a human touch.

 Where markets have unique characteristics, we leverage our reach in the Indian industrial space to create solutions that address these distinct situations. For example, the Aerospace, Automotive and Medical markets are characterised by long gestation, singular projects with limited quantities but high technology requirements and we have helped clients successfully met these challenges.

 Many companies today have social responsibility charters, CSR commitments, or home-country regulatory requirements that implicate them in terms of worker conditions, sourcing of raw materials, waste disposal, social and environmental impact reporting requirements, and issues less-known in their home country like the possibility of child-labour. These issues, badly handled, can create significant exposure to damage of brand, loss of sales and expensive fines. Share your concerns and needs with us, and we’ll ensure that these issues are handled in a responsible, ethical and documented manner

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