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Experience a whole new dimension of observation and photography, created by Carl Zeiss: the Victory PhotoScope offers you a unique opportunity to capture those special moments of observation. Now you can keep them for as long as you want in the form of high-quality photographs. The combination of leading-edge observation optics and complete, high-performance digital camera technology with super-telephoto lens has led to the creation of the Victory PhotoScope – innovative, leading-edge optics designed for capturing those special moments.

Leading-edge optics combined with powerful camera technology. The Victory PhotoScope offers everything that a high-end spotting scope has to offer: Brilliant images in a wide field of view format and many other Carl Zeiss optics features. However, the super tele lens and the integrated digital camera make this product unique. Hold on to extraordinary moments in detail, with striking proximity.

Magnification 15-45X
Lens Diameter 85mm
Field of View at 1000m 80-27m
Close Focus 5m
Water Proof 400 mbar
Length 438mm
Weight 2990g
Focus Setting Manual and focus assist
Focal Length (corr# to 35 mm) 600 - 1800 mm
Largest Aperture 2.4 - 3.3
Aperture Stops open, 11, 22
ISO Sensitivity 50 - 800
Shutter Speeds B-1 - 4000 s
Programmes Manual, P, A, Auto
Exposure Spot, Centre-weighted, Matrix, Histogram, Highlights, Shade
White Balance Auto, Manual, Luminescent substance, Artificial light, Shade, Cloud, Cloud and sun with semi-automatic
Bracketing 6 levels for exposure series, 2 levels for focus series
Image Size 7M, 4M, 2M
File Format JPG, DNG (RAW), AVI
Power Supply 7,4 V Lithium Ion/externi
Connections USB 2_0, Network
StorageMedium SD Card
Included IR remote control with carrying strap incl. 2 AAA batteries, Quick charge device with BP 511 battery and universal plug, Cordura case, 1GB SD memory card, USB cable, eyepiece and lens covers