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Pardus BA system is based on a mixed platform of semi-auto and pump action shotgun. However neighter a semi nor a pump and can not be converted. The idea is to provide a bolt action usage with only a straight pull movement of the bolt group. The right bolt handle is designed for an easy reach for the user and arranged the relase point just at the point of the trigger to re-grip comfortabely. After release the return action spring in front or at the back in the stock provides self close of the action. BA is also designed to accept a left side bolt handle for left hand users. BA accepts different stock sets, barrel lengths, choke options, sight options, up to 10+1 magazine capacity and other add ons to make a tactical type of gun beside hunting features. BA is availabe in 12 and 20 gauges at the moment.

Pardus BA MF is the magazine fed version of BA which comes in 12 and .410 gauges. The magazine capacity in12ga can be 2, 5 and 10 rds. In .410ga the magazine is 2 and 5 rds only. Having the same availabilities like the tubular magazine model BA MF is better suitable for tactical usage carrying the magazine fed system. Having the standard sinigh in black, there are optionals as marine, cerakote and camo coating finishes.

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